GripCote-X Eco-Bio Friendly Non-slip Floor Mat Coating

GripCote-X is a water based, eco-bio friendly coating that has been specifically formulated to provide an effective and lasting non-slip solution for PVC and rubber-backed mats in high traffic, commercial applications. It is composed of a tough and durable polymer that creates a strong bond with most materials. Its water and oil resistant structure will protect the coated surface from slipping, moving or bunching, greatly reducing the incidence of slip or trip and fall accidents. GripCote-X promotes spatial stability thus relieving the inconvenience of having to frequently reset the mats in their proper place.

GripCote-X replaces double-sided tapes and the like with a more effective and lasting solution that can be easily brushed, rolled or sprayed on to the mats when used on larger surfaces. Additionally, unlike tapes, GripCote-X will not lose its effectiveness over time and will not leave a sticky residue or transfer to the substrate.

  • Easy to apply using a soft bristle or foam brush, paint roller of HVLP spray device
  • The GripCote-X coated object will be ready for use within 4-6 hours after application, depending upon the ambient temperature (allow 24 hours or more for full cure)
  • Approximately 400 square feet per gallon


Eco-Bio Friendly Non-slip Coating for
PVC- & Rubber-backed Mats



Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-5Qty. 6-10Qty. 11+
8 oz$16.62$16.12$15.79$14.96
1 gal$122.46$118.78$116.34$110.21
32 oz.$39.16$37.98$37.20$35.24
16 oz$24.46$23.72$23.24$22.01


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