Cushion Ease ESD Conductive

Cushion-Ease® ESD Conductive Solid/Perforated static control floor mats are part of the Solutions™ family of products. This specially formulated rubber floor mat is designed to drain static electricity from the worker safeguarding sensitive machinery and delicate circuitry. All Cushion-Ease® mats have a male/female interlocking system and are compatible with M.D. Ramps for easy on-site custom configurations and trip-resistant platforms. Cushion-Ease® ESD mats can be combined with other Cushion-Ease® family products.

Product Details

  • Base compound - 100% Nitrile rubber specially formulated to drain static electricity
  • A unique multi-nib support design offers exceptional fatigue relief and aeration
  • Solid top design with an anti-slip surface texture
  • Easy to snap together modular matting system for on-site custom configurations
  • Optional nitrile rubber ramps available for trip-resistant platform (551 M.D. Ramp System®)
  • (ESD) Conductive - measured resistance Rg 104 - 106 O/Rp 104 - 106 O
  • An optional grounding cord is available for the 665

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