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Factors To Consider When Buying Slip Proof Mats

Floor mats are used for many different purposes. There are specially designed floor mats for noise and vibration reduction. We also have heated floor mats for providing heat and warmth in the house during the cold season. We install entrance or entryway mats on our doorsteps to keep dirt, moisture and other debris from getting inside the house. Logo mats are ordered by commercial and industrial clients for brand promotion and advertisement purposes. Anti fatigue floor mats are used to keep users relaxed and refreshed despite standing for too long. Anti slip floor mats or slip proof mats are installed on slippery floors to prevent accidental falls and injuries. Like with every other matting solution, there are several factors that you should always consider when buying slip proof floor mats. Let us look at each of these factors and why they are important considerations.

Anti Slip Properties

The main purpose of installing slip proof mats is to provide traction on a wet surface. These mats are designed to provide floor safety in any setting. They are installed in areas or environments that suffer slippery floors mostly due to the nature of work being done there, such as in hotel and restaurant kitchens, mines, and on wet production lines and factories. Considering the fact that these mats are mainly used for traction purposes or to prevent slips and falls, you should always be concerned about their traction properties when buying them. This means that you should always check their surfaces for traction ridges and nodes. Slip proof mats should have a very rough surface to ensure that the user does not slip when walking on the mat and that the mat does not slide when pressure is inflicted on its surface.

Material Or Fabric

Another key consideration when buying slip proof floor mats is the material or fabric of manufacture. These mats are usually designed from three types of materials. We have slip proof rubber mats, slip proof vinyl mats, and slip proof carpet mats. All these matting materials have different functional advantages. For instance, rubber and vinyl floor mats can be designed with many different surface patterns to enhance traction. These mats are very tough and hence their traction ridges do not wear out easily. Carpet floor mats on the other hand are not as tough as rubber and vinyl mats. The major advantage of carpet floor mats is that they can absorb water and moisture. This means that the user cannot suffer accidental slips and falls due to water pooling on the mat. For a really excellent slip poof mat, you should choose a carper mat with a rubber or vinyl backing.


The other key factor that you should always consider when buying slip proof floor mats is the overall quality of the mat. You should always check the quality ratings of the mats. You can easily tell whether a mat is of high or poor quality by the warranty period offered by the manufacture. High quality floor mats have long warranty periods while low quality mats can even lack a warranty.  And while you are considering the quality of the mat, make sure the price is reasonable.

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