Wiper/scraper ribbed-pattern mats for light traffic

  • Unilateral ribbed pattern on vinyl backing that traps moisture and protects floors
  • Quick drying and fade resistant
  • Retains moisture for increased cleaning efficiency
  • For interior areas with light traffic e.g. Small business, Boutique and Side entrance

Needle-Rib™ Indoor Entrance Mats

These economical, ribbed-pattern wiper/scraper carpet mats are recommended for interior entrances with light traffic of less than 125 people per day, such as small businesses, boutiques, and side entrances.


  • Rugged grooves work vigorously to remove dirt and moisture
  • Wear-resistant and colorfast to stay looking new longer
  • Six brilliant colors to choose from
  • Thickness: 5/16″
  • Backing: vinyl
  • Top fibers: polypropylene

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