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Floormat Season

Welcome to Floormat Season!

The weather is a mess and will be for some time. If you do not have good floormats in your home or business, you are going to be dealing with a lot of mess.

HOTFlake Snow Melting Stair Tread

The mess might be a literal mess. Snow and slush mean people will be tracking in water, dirt, salt, and some of the frozen stuff. As it melts, you have a real mess on your hands.

Good floormats will keep the floors cleaner by absorbing a lot of this as people come in. If you do not have a floormat, then you do not have a focus area where people whip off their shoes or take them off, if you are in a home. The result is a real mess spread all around.

With the arctic temperatures, even salt is not melting the ice on sidewalks and stairs. This is creating a messy situation because even getting the mail can be dangerous with ice and snow. The solution for this is heated outdoor mats that actually melt the ice and snow on them, even at very low temperatures. It is more reliable, less messy, and better for the plants and yard in the spring because a lot of salt does a lot of damage.

These low temperatures also make a heated indoor mat for people and pets a must-have. The cold can be oppressive, and it is usually the feet that get cold first because they are the furthest from your core. So having a heated floormat when you are working at your desk or sitting on your couch is a way to survive the winter months with more comfort and self-care.

If you have a business with employees in offices, no doubt you have that situation where some people are cold and some people are not cold. Who do you take care of? You do not have to pick. You can give heated pads to those who want them, so if the office is a bit cooler, people can turn on the heat below and be comfortable without making the whole space too toasty for the other employees.

Worried about the expense? Offer to rebate the employee 50% for a heated floormat. This shows you care, but also means they are not going to buy it unless they really want it.

It is important during the winter months to try to be as comfortable as possible. The reality for people in the north is that you have to endure the cold for 12 weeks or more, and life is not as comfortable, safe, or enjoyable. Less light, less, heat, and less comfort can all dampen a mood. Take care of yourself by creating a pampering environment, which can start with good floormats.