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    Guzzler Floor Mat

    $27.15$402.72 USD

    Guzzler™ is intended for use in medium to heavy traffic areas, the raised, crushproof waffle design of Guzzler™ aggressively scrapes and cleans, while the rubber-edged perimeter entraps dirt and moisture for superior water and soil control. Molded rubber “cleats” on the underside of the mat grip the underlying surface minimizing mat movement.

    • High/low waffle pattern facilitates scraping and keeps moisture and debris away from foot traffic
    • Raised rubber border on all 4 sides traps moisture and debris for easy removal
    • Molded rubber cleats on the bottom of the mat grip underlying surfaces and minimize mat movement
    • 26 ounces of tufted yarn per square yard
    • 3/8 inch overall thickness for use in narrow clearance doorways
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    Standard Sizes (Approximate)

    SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
    2' X 3'$27.15$25.79
    2' X 3'$37.76$35.87
    3' X 4'$57.43$54.56
    3' X 5'$73.36$69.69
    3' X 4'$75.51$71.73
    3' X 5'$94.39$89.67
    4' X 6'$135.65$128.87
    4' X 6'$151.02$143.47
    3' X 10'$237.84$225.95
    3' X 10'$282.05$267.95
    4' X 10'$334.56$317.83
    4' X 10'$402.72$382.58
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