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    Floormat Heated Chair Mat Kit


    The Floormat Heated Chair Mat Kit provides warm, radiant heat with a heating element under your chair. The Floormat Heated Chair Mat Kit is safe to use on top of carpet, ceramic tile and vinyl surfaces. If used on a ceramic tile surface, we recommend purchasing a 2’ X 3’ Klima Grip pad to insulate and enable maximum efficiency of your heated chair mat.

    The Floormat Heated Chair Mat Kit includes one RugBuddy USRB170W, and a 34” X 58” 1/8” Spiffy Soft Vinyl office mat that allows chairs to roll over the mat’s surface effortlessly.

    The RugBuddy USRB170W radiates heat up through the vinyl, providing warm, relaxing heat to your feet.

    There is also an optional Programmable Outlet Thermostat that is available to set the temperature of the RugBuddy to a specific temperature, while also allowing the user to program when they would like the RugBuddy to be turned on and off.

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