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Heated Chair Mat Kit

The Floormat Heated Chair Mat Kit provides warm, radiant heat with a heating element under your chair. The Floormat Heated Chair Mat Kit is safe to use on top of carpet, ceramic tile and vinyl surfaces.

The Floormat Heated Chair Mat Kit includes:

  1. Desk chair mat (3′ X 4′) Our chair mats are crafted for hard floors, not only safeguarding your flooring but also enhancing the aesthetic of your workspace. Say goodbye to the mundane, plastic mats and welcome our exquisite designs that promise durability without the risk of cracking and splitting like traditional vinyl mats.
  2. Heated undermat radiates heat up through the vinyl, providing warm, relaxing heat to your feet.
  3. KlimaGrip pad (2’ X 3’) to insulate and enable maximum efficiency of your heated chair mat
  4. Programmable Outlet Thermostat that is available to set the temperature of the undermat to a specific temperature, while also allowing the user to program when they would like the heating element to be turned on and off

The Floormat Heated Chair Mat Kit provides:

  • Smooth Movement – Enjoy effortless movement with your chair across the mat’s sleek yet sturdy surface.
  • Reliable Floor Protection – Equipped with a strong rubber backing, these mats safeguard your floors and prevent slipping.
  • Effortless Maintenance – Cleaning is a breeze thanks to the stain-resistant surface, which can be vacuumed or wiped with a gentle detergent.

Our high-definition printing technique brings each mat to life, mirroring the look of various textiles. The Astella design replicates a cross-hatch weave, the Stonewash resembles aged denim, and the Stratford showcases a timeless linen appearance. Each pattern is available in three versatile colors: blue, grey, and khaki. While these mats are optimized for hard floors, they can be used on low-pile carpets, although they are not intended for softer surfaces.

Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
3' x 4'$425.00$403.75
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    Heated Chair Mat Kit

    $425.00 USD