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    KlimaGrip Non Slip Insulation Pad

    5.00 out of 5
    (1 customer review)

    $19.95$112.00 USD

    Floormat.com’s KlimaGrip™ is made of two non-woven polyester fabrics that are permanently needle-punched together and coated on both sides with a specially formulated water-based sensitive dry adhesive.

    • KlimaGrip™ provides thermal insulation between a hard floor and the heating panel
    • Improves your rugbuddy performance
    • Available in all rugbuddy sizes
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    Standard Sizes (Approximate)

    SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
    2' X 3'$19.95$18.95
    2' X 7.5'$39.00$37.05
    3' X 5'$39.00$37.05
    5' X 7'$89.00$84.55
    6' X 8'$112.00$106.40
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    1 review for KlimaGrip Non Slip Insulation Pad

    1. J
      5 out of 5

      Jeremy Chapman

      I love my KlimaGrip! It is a lifesaver for those cold winter days. I had originally purchased a few RugBuddies, but it wasn’t until I got these insulation pads that I really noticed the heat from my RugBuddies. Now, my feet are nice and warm, even during the winter! Excellent product!

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