Home Safety

    Wet Step Mat

    • Unique design provides excellent slip resistance and anti-fatigue properties
    • Soft to walk on with bare feet
    • Drain holes allow water to freely drain sway
    • Anti-microbial treated for lifetime protection against odors and degradation
    • Durable closed cell nitrile rubber cushion is UV resistant and will last for years
    • Can be autoclave sterilized for health care use

    Safeway Bath Mat

    The ultimate bath mat for tubs, tub sills, shower stalls, jet tubs and more! Safeway Bath Mats peel and stick technology is fast and extremely easy to use. Available in white and clear, it provides safer footing for wet surfaces. Available in standard bath mat sizes, or long sheet runs, it can be cut for any shape or application.

    Web Trax™

    Provide slip-resistant footing in wet, barefoot traffic areas