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How To Maintain Pool Safety

Summer is here, and that means its pool season.  If you have a pool, time to open it for the season and go for a swim! While swimming is a fun – and refreshing – pastime, it can be hazardous if you are not careful. If you follow the right safety precautions though, you can enjoy the water without incident. This article will highlight some steps you can take to ensure a safe swimming season for you and your family.

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Keep The Pool Covered When Not In Use


This is a good idea for several reasons. For one, it helps regulate the water temperature, keeping it consistent. It also keeps bugs and other critters from entering your pool. Most importantly, though, it keeps kids from entering your pool unsupervised. You never know who might wander into your yard when you are not around, and keeping your pool covered with a sturdy cover can prevent tragedies from happening.


Maintain Your Pool’s Chemicals


Your pool’s chemicals keep you from getting sick when you take a swim, as they kill germs and prevent water-borne illnesses. For this reason, it is important that you maintain a proper chemical balance in your pool for as long as it is in use. If you are unsure what your chemical levels are, you can always have a professional come out and test your water. With some companies, you can even bring a sample of water in to be tested.


Keeping Your Pool Clean


In spite of chemicals and coverings, insects, leaves, and dirt do find their way into your pool. For this reason, it is important to have your pool cleaned on a regular basis. For easy, hands-free cleaning, consider purchasing an “aqua bot.” If you have ever seen one of those automatic vacuum cleaners that moves around your floors on its own, then you are familiar with the general concept. These handy devices move around your pool floor, cleaning as it goes.


Staying Safe Around The Pool


Since the area outside your pool is a wet, concrete surface, it is important that there is no running around the pool’s edge. To further ensure safety, consider purchasing a vinyl loop floor mat, and placing it near the pool’s entrance/exit. These mats absorb water, so that swimmers can dry their feet off on them upon exiting the pool. Also, as a general rule, do not leave pool toys or other objects lying around the edge of the pool where people (especially children) can trip on them.


Maintaining Proper Supervision


Do not let small children swim in your pool unattended. Supervision, and vigilance, is one of the most important aspects of pool safety. When swimming with a child – even one who can swim on their own – keep a close eye on them, making sure that they stay out of the deep end and keep their head above water. Inflatable arm bands, sometimes known as “floaties” are very helpful for beginning swimmers, as they prevent the child from sinking.