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How To Prevent Slips And Falls In Winter Time

Let’s face it: winter is a very slippery time. All of that ice that builds up during cold winters is the cause of numerous slips and falls each year. The injuries that result from such slips and falls can range from soreness and bruising, to sprains and broken bones, to serious injury and even death. For this reason it is very important to keep the ice at bay each winter. One of the most dangerous forms of ice build up is what is known as “black ice.” This is a thin layer of ice that you do not even see. Because you do not see the black ice, you are less likely to walk slowly and cautiously over it, and are therefore much more likely to slip and fall, or twist an ankle. For this reason, it is important to always tread carefully on cold icy days, and to wear boots with ample traction. Using rock salt around your home is another good way to break up ice and prevent slip and fall injuries. One of the best ways to prevent such injuries, though, is to invest in heated mats.

How Do These Mats Work

A heated mat, such as the ice-away heated mat plugs into a power source that heats the mat. An ice away heated mat will then melt any ice that would build up on top of the mat, so that you have a warm surface that you, your family, and your guests are guaranteed not to slip on. A hot flake doorway mat or a hot flake door landing mat are good alternatives to the ice away entrance mat and ice away door landing mat. Actually, hotflake stair tread is really good for preventing slips and falls on icy stairs. Stairs, after all, are the most dangerous places to slip and fall on, in any property.A little strategically placed warmth throughout your property can make avoiding slips and falls will be a breeze.

Where To Buy Heated Floormats

You might be wondering where you can buy heated floor mats such as the ice-away heated mat. If that is your question, then you are in luck! You can buy a heated floormat from a variety of sources. You can buy heated floormats at many home goods stores, hardware stores, and the like. You can also buy heated floor mats online. Many consumers are choosing to use the internet to buy the heated floormats that they need. Buying a heated floor mat this way is actually very easy and convenient, as you will find plenty of websites that offer quality heated mats at very low prices. When you buy your heated mats this way, you do not even have to venture out into the cold! That’s right, you can buy a heated floor mat from the comfort of your cozy, heated home! Is there a better way to shop? We think not! So log online and buy some quality heated floor mats today!