Aqua Trap

Aqua Trap® is a unique yet highly functional indoor entrance mat with a molded bubble pattern that facilitates the scraping and drying process while the patented raised “Aqua Dam™” border forms a perimeter that traps moisture and debris. Aqua Trap® features an antimicrobial carpet treatment that stops bacteria and germs at the entrance. An extremely durable rubber backed mat, Aqua Trap® has a highly fashionable look that features carpet-to-the-edge to blend with its surroundings and contemporary color choices to match any décor.

Product Details

  • Moulded bubble pattern facilitates scraping and drying
  • Aqua Dam™ border retains moisture and debris
  • Carpet-to-the-edge construction to blend with its surroundings
  • Rubber underside cleat design resists mat slippage
  • Available in continuous lengths up to 60 feet

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Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1Qty. 2-5Qty. 6-10Qty. 11+
2' X 3'$89.69$87.00$85.21$80.72
3' X 4'$179.39$174.01$170.42$161.45
3' X 5'$224.24$217.51$213.02$201.81
3' X 10'$448.47$435.02$426.05$403.62
4' X 6'$358.78$348.01$340.84$322.90
4' X 10'$597.96$580.02$568.06$538.16


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