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Most Popular Types Of Waterhog Mats

Waterhog mats are mainly used to provide floor safety and to protect the floor and keep it clean. Most of these mats are used as entrance or entry mats for scraping mud, dirt, and moisture or water from the shoes as people step into the house. This ensures that all this mud, debris, and water is not carried from outdoors into the house. This keeps the interior floors clean and dry. It also protects the floors from being scratched by dirty shoes. Another important function of waterhog mats is floor safety. These mats enhance the traction on the floor thereby ensuring that you do not slip and fall when walking on a dry or wet slippery floor. Some waterhog floor mats are specially designed to provide ergonomic comfort in the workplace. These mats feature a foam material sandwiched between rubber backings to provide buoyancy and hence relieve stress and strain from a long standing worker. Other waterhog floor mats have a heating element for providing warmth and melting snow during the cold season. As you can see, waterhog floor mats have very many functions. There are very many types of waterhog floor mats and today we are going to look at some of the most popular ones.

Waterhog Classic Mats

Waterhog Classic mats are a distinctive line of floor mats made from a 24 oz. sq/yd solution-dyed polypropylene fabric. The mats come with an SBR rubber backing containing 20% recycled rubber content. The 3/8″ thick bi-level surface removes and stores dirt and moisture effectively. Waterhog Classic mats have a unique “water dam” border that allows the mat to hold up to one and a half gallons of water per square yard. These mats are antistatic and they are recommended for commercial buildings, hotels, restaurants, healthcare facilities, office buildings and more. They include Waterhog Classic, Waterhog Classic Diamond, and Waterhog Grand Classic.

Waterhog Eco Mats

Waterhog Eco floor mats are made from 100% post consumer recycled polyethylene or polypropylene fabrics. These are certified green floor mats. Waterhog Eco mats have a molded or reinforced 3/8” thick bi-level surface that effectively removes and stores dirt and moisture during scraping. The mats have a unique “water dam” border that allows the mat to hold up to 1 1/2 gallons of water per sq yard. They include Waterhog Eco Elite, Waterhog Eco Elite Fashion, Waterhog Eco Grand Elite, Waterhog Eco Grand Premier, Waterhog Eco Premier, and Waterhog Eco Premier Fashion

Waterhog Fashion Mats

Waterhog Fashion wiper or scrape mat is made from a stain resistant 24 oz. sq/yd solution-dyed polypropylene fabric. The mats have an SBR rubber backing containing 20% recycled rubber content. They also have a unique “water dam” border that retains 1 1/2 gallons of water per square yard, water and dirt stay on the mat. These mats include Waterhog Fashion and Waterhog Fashion Diamond.

Waterhog Logo Floor Mats

Waterhog Logo floor mats are beautiful, durable, and practical image mats for any workplace. They are made from a 3/8″ thick, 100% UV resistant polypropylene fabric and they are ideal for indoor and outdoor placements. They come with a molded rubber backing, which resists curling and cracking in all types of weather. Waterhog logo mats are durable and they can be customized with any image or logo. They are easy to clean and suitable for high traffic areas.

Waterhog Masterpiece Select

Waterhog Masterpiece Select floor mats are interior scraper-wiper entrance mats for medium traffic areas. These mats have a 28 oz polypropylene face and a rubber backing with 20% post-consumer recycled tire content. The reinforced bi-level rubber surface ensures durability.