Johnsonite® OEM Anti-Slip Tread Tape

    This is the OEM Johnsonite® replacement Anti-Slip Tape for safer stair treads. Available in 2" x 60'. This product is available in 11 colors.

    Aqua Safe Anti Slip Waterproof Tape

    Ideal for showers, boats, kitchens and labs

    Safety Grip Tape

    Floormat Anti-Slip Tape

    Designed to increase safety by improving foot traction, these anti-slip tapes also draw visual attention to areas that might require additional caution.

    Floormat Glow in the Dark Safety Grip Tape

    Floormat.com's Glow in the Dark Safety Grip Tape is a self-adhesive plastic based photoluminescent grit tape. Ideal for use highlighting critical areas and especially those prone to power failure.

    Floormat Glow Line Safety Grip Tape

    Ensure safe passage during power outages

    Floormat Glow in the Dark Egress Marking Tape

    Ensure safe passage during power outages

    Anti-Slip Mop Top Tape

    Durable anti-slip tape reduces friction between mops & sponges


    Chemical Resistant Safety Grip Tape

    Floormat.com’s Chemical Resistant Safety Grip tape is designed to resist harsh chemicals such as toluene, MEK, and a variety of acids. The tape is constructed of a modified upper bonding resin that helps to prevent problems by resisting most chemical attacks. It is designed to withstand long-term exposure to high concentration chemicals.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ General Purpose Tape

    General purpose slip-resistant tapes prevernt Slip & Fall Accidents

    Cushion Grip Tape

    Floormat.com Cushion Grip tape is an anti-slip tape with a difference, the difference is that the Cushion Grip is produced using PU. This material has a high level of cushioning and is constructed differently from other plastics. The cushioning allows for a very comfortable bare foot experience.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient Tape

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient Tape provides “high-traction.” Features a resilient, non-mineral, slip-resistant material. Soft surface is suitable for bare feet. For locker rooms and recreational/athletic equipment, boats and docks, interior stairwells, entryways and lobbies. Available in custom sizes and colors, and with custom adhesives.

    Handrail Grip Tape

    Floormat.com’s Handrail Grip Tape is becoming an essential component of a modern workplace or public environment. Handrails should be slip resistant and not cold to the touch; with this in mind, Floormat.com provides the solution. This tape is perfect for industrial, commercial, and assisted living environments.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Conformable Tape

    Add anti-slip grit to irregular surfaces such as diamond plate


    Ribbed Rubber Anti-Slip Tape

    Floormat.com’s Ribbed Rubber Anti-Slip tape is excellent for using as a lining for toolboxes as the raised ribs allow any debris and excess to fall away from your tools. This product is also great for areas where drainage is needed.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Course Tape

    Slip-resistant tape systems improve safety on U. S. Coast Guard Cutters

    3M Safety-Walk Fine Resilient Tape

    A fine-textured, slip resistant surface with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing provides enhanced safety and comfort in light- and barefoot-traffic areas.

    DOT Approved Conspicuity Tape

    Our C2 reflective conspicuity DOT tape is fully certified and meets all regulations and is of the same construction as any other DOT tape. Impact proof, UV stable, and constructed from a series of prisms that reflects light in all directions that it faces. Its self-adhesive backing can be applied to surfaces such as aluminum, steel, fiberglass, etc.

    Floormat Edge Fix Sealing Compound

    For use in heavily traffic areas or where there might be a lot of impact at sharp angles (for example one of our non slip stair treads on a stair nosing with high heels impacting onto the sides) we recommend Edge Fix sealer.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Edge Sealing Compound

    Liquid, solvent-based sealer helps protect exposed edges of slip-resistant tapes and treads from excessive moisture or liquids. One 5-ounce tube with convenient tube applicator seals approximately 75 to 100 linear feet.