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The WaterHog Fashion Diamond Mat: Where Elegance Meets Efficiency

There’s a saying that often circulates in the design world: “Form follows function.” The underlying idea is that a product should be designed considering its purpose first and its aesthetics second. However, what if you can have both? The WaterHog Fashion Diamond mat offers just that – the blend of functionality with stylish elegance.

Elegant Design with a Fabric Border

The WaterHog Fashion Diamond mat is the sibling of the WaterHog Diamond. While the Classic variant is renowned for its robust performance, the Fashion Diamond introduces a touch of sophistication with its fabric border. This delicate touch transforms a functional item into a decorative masterpiece suitable for more stylish indoor spaces.

Top-notch Performance Features

  1. Effective Dirt and Moisture Management: Its unique ridged construction isn’t just for show. It’s adept at trapping dirt and moisture beneath the shoe level, ensuring cleaner, drier spaces.
  2. Durability in High Traffic Areas: The mat is designed to endure. Its rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent the pile from crushing, thus maintaining high performance and prolonging the mat’s life.
  3. Quick Dry and Fade Resistant: Made from a premium 24-ounce anti-static polypropylene fiber system, the mat not only dries quickly but also resists fading and rotting. Additionally, its rubber-reinforced surface wicks away water, providing a safer, slip-resistant surface.
  4. Environmentally Responsible: With 10%-15% recycled rubber content in its green-friendly rubber backing, the mat is both eco-friendly and available in either smooth or cleated backing types.
  5. Exclusive “Water Dam” Border: This is the mat’s secret weapon. The border ensures that both dirt and water remain within its confines, safeguarding floors and reducing slip hazards.
  6. Versatility at Its Best: Its attractive border design makes the WaterHog Fashion Diamond mat suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.
  7. Safe for Tech Spaces: The anti-static fiber system ensures minimal electrical interference, making it safe for computer rooms and around electronic equipment.
  8. Certified and Trustworthy: The National Floor Safety Institute certifies all WaterHog Mats for slip resistance, emphasizing their commitment to safety.

When the world of design meets functional efficacy, products like the WaterHog Fashion Diamond mat emerge. It’s not just a mat—it’s a statement of style, efficiency, and safety. Whether you’re looking to beautify your indoor space or need a reliable mat for your outdoor areas, the WaterHog Fashion Diamond mat promises to deliver and then some.