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Handcrafting Hospitable Touches

At we handcraft every touch of the hospitality experience from the entryway experience throughout your guests’ entire getaway.

Marble floors make memorable first impressions for hoteliers creating that ever-important welcoming moment. Vestibules and entryways must be immaculate and inviting, inspiring guests toward an exceptional stay. Yet inclement weather, renovations, and the passing of time can create costly challenges for the guest experience, as well as their safety. When faced with this many leading hospitality brands like Marriot International, turn to

The Renaissance Hotel wanted to reduce housekeeping costs for its marble tiled lobby, while keeping the space looking luxurious even during guests’ high traffic times.

We introduced a pragmatic and effective floor mat system with customized brand logos and hand cut size requirements that greatly reduced maintenance costs and upkeep, while creating and sustaining an elegant image. This unique, functional mat system paid for itself in just 90 days.