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Most pathology hospital labs use paraffin wax in their testing facilities – The Cleveland Clinic is no exception. Paraffin on the floor creates a major safety hazard both within and outside of the lab, as it is tracked throughout the lab area and into nearby hallways. Lab personnel and others create heavy traffic patterns on a daily basis. A few associates had fallen, one suffering a broken arm.

Our consultative Solutionists remedied the problem by carpeting the lab wall to wall, each workstation custom fitted and the entrance and exit areas fused. And we added a custom style mat in the hall to safeguard the job, successfully containing nearly all the paraffin within the confines of the lab. The specific carpet weave trapped the paraffin away from the surface areas.

Additionally, made of the same material, we created triple thick footrests for the technicians, reducing fatigue while catching paraffin residue from their footwear. Lastly, we even reduced vibration qualities of their centrifuges, quieting the environment, while improving the accuracy of microscope readings for histology technicians.