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Home Is Where the Warmth Is

At we know family matters. We’re helping homeowners stay warm and safe inside, around, and outside their residences. We add comfort, convenience, and energy efficient cost savings in every innovative product we recommend.

Many homes have beautiful wood floors, where family and children gather to watch TV, play, and converse. Yet in the fall and winter months, family rooms, especially the floors, can be drafty and downright cold. Michelle Langworth of London, Ohio complained about loving her family room, but hating the cold floors.

We of course advised her to incorporate a RugBuddy portable rug system that utilizes “speedheat,” transferring more heat upward. Safe, silent, and energy efficient the RugBuddy is the only portable heating product approved for use under area rugs. Michelle compares it to an electric blanket for the floor that keeps that family comfortable and warm in the family room, and other areas rooms – playrooms, and even her basement.

Robert Owenly had the constant worry of his elderly parents slipping on the front steps during snowy weather, simply getting the mail. Our Solutionist solved that by recommending a carpeted snow-melting doormat – fashionable as a stylish high-end welcome mat, and functional enough to melt 2 inches of snow per hour. Robert is so pleased with the product he is adding stair and residential walkway mats to further his parent’s safety.