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Making Manufacturing More Productive

At were helping manufacturers be more productive daily. Sometimes this productivity comes through the optimization of operations, safety of the workforce, or the efficiency of innovation. And other times, this productivity comes through the value we place on the human condition – especially when it comes to workplace noise and vibration reduction. Health, comfort, safety; our solutions make American workers’ lives – better.

American made. American jobs. America can. American manufacturing needed re-shoring and revitalization. Lincoln Electric, an American multinational, world leader in the design, development, and manufacturing of welding products, equipment, and consumables, has help lead this charge. But they had a loud problem, called noise.

Lincoln Electric sought us out to quiet their clamoring manufacturing presses. The extreme decibels (even while wearing noise dampening headphones) were causing hearing problems amongst their employees.

After an onsite plant consult with one of our Solutionists we recommended specialized sound absorption matting solution for specific presses. And within four hours the internal “noise pollution” was decreased by nearly 65%. That was the pragmatic solution, but the emotional response said so much more. One of their 35 year veteran employees working across from the press all these years, was so moved that he personally came over to our associate and tearfully embraced him.

At we call this “ensuring product performance in fulfilling human needs for a better quality of life.”