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Readying Our Coast Guard

On a lake, out to sea, at we customize water safety to your specific water vessel and activities – from cabin cruisers to large fishing boats, and from luxurious cruise ships to the U.S. Coast Guard – every water adventure made safer.

Whether it be a houseboat, sailboat, or fishing boat, nothing is more enjoyable and serene than a weekend full of wonderful watercraft experiences. At we keep these experiences safe for you and your family. But, when the U.S. Coast Guard called – we answered.

Protecting and enforcing U.S. law in the world’s largest exclusive economic zone of 3.4 million square miles of water, is no easy feat. And improving the safety of these ships’ decks was no easy challenge – but this was what Bollingers of New Orleans, one of the world’s largest shipbuilders, presented to us.

With the opportunity to build 50, 78-foot Coast Guard Cutters, Bollingers needed a complex matrix of anti-slip surfaces created for the entire deck of each ship. Additionally, the shipbuilder wanted a “system” by which they could easily replace worn or damaged deck materials without taking the vessel out of service. While other larger suppliers and manufacturers either couldn’t, or wouldn’t come up with a viable solution, we boarded a plane to New Orleans.

Quickly, using chalk string to map out an 80 piece custom pattern of the decks’ anti-slip requirements – from bow to stern, to sidewalls, we completely configured detailed engineer’s drawings of the ships’ decks. An anti-slip “surface system,” or grid, was designed composed of hand-cut pieces of our most aggressive, pressure sensitive anti-slip tape. Each ship had a custom deck diagram and each piece was numbered for proper placement. From here, complete anti-slip tape sets for each ship, were supplied, along with an inventory of replacement pieces, which were successfully installed while the ships were still out to sea.