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Why Heated Snow-Melting Mats are a Winter Essential for Homes and Businesses

As the temperature drops, demand for our snow-melting mats surges, especially in colder regions.

We offer more than just the basic door-entry mats where you wipe your snowy boots. Our product line includes several advanced solutions designed for cold weather conditions.

The feet of a person standing on snow.

One of our top-selling products is our outdoor floor mats engineered to melt snow and ice. These mats are incredibly popular for both safety and convenience reasons. They are especially beneficial for elderly individuals who want to avoid slipping on icy patches near their doorsteps or on walkways to garages.

Our HOTFlake™ outdoor heated mats are purpose-built to make stairs, doorways, handicapped ramps, and walkways safer by preventing ice formation.

Businesses also find value in these mats. Installing them outside entrances ensures that areas where customers walk are free from ice and snow, reducing the risk of accidents.

It’s crucial to have these mats in place before the first freeze of the season. People are generally more prone to slipping at the beginning of winter, as they are not yet accustomed to walking on icy surfaces.

While some may consider using rock salt as an alternative, it’s worth noting that rock salt can be harmful to both cement surfaces and surrounding vegetation. Additionally, customers tracking salt into your establishment can lead to a mess and even damage indoor flooring. Our ice-melting mats eliminate these issues, promoting safety while also reducing labor and maintenance costs.

Consider the repercussions of an employee slipping and falling due to ice. The resulting workers’ compensation claims, lost productivity, and the cost of training a replacement can add up quickly. An ice-melting mat at the entrance can prevent these incidents from occurring in the first place.

While it’s not legally mandated, businesses should strongly consider installing heated snow-melting mats at their entryways. Doing so offers a simple, effective solution to a host of potential problems, significantly reducing risk and enhancing safety.