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3 Important Factors To Bear In Mind When Ordering Custom Logo Mats

Customized logo mats or simply logo mats are commercial or industrial floor mats featuring corporate names and logos for marketing and advertisement purposes. These are specially designed floor mats with catchy graphics on the face for brand promotion and enhancement. They are usually commissioned by a business or corporate entity for both their primary applications as protective floor covers and also for their complementary marketing and advertisement uses. They are aesthetically appealing with tasty graphical illustrations and topical marketing messages aimed at influencing a targeted consumer segment. As mentioned above, In addition to their marketing purposes, custom logo mats also provide the ordinary matting functions like safety and protection of building occupants, ergonomic comfort, floor traction, and a myriad of other specialized applications. Before commissioning custom logo mats, the business owner should consider the following factors.

logo mat

Marketing Purpose

Now that you know that these mats are meant for advertisement purposes, it shouldn’t be a big surprise to figure out that the first consideration is their intended advertisement purpose. The mat designer will require detailed marketing instructions from the client to enable him design the most effective graphical representation for the advert. Most logo mats feature the company’s name, the brand logo, and/or a short marketing message; all printed on the face of the floor mat. A good custom logo mat should be simple, artistic, and easy to comprehend.

Type Of Mat

The other key consideration is the type of mat to be installed. There are two main ways to go about this:

  • By Application: As mentioned above, logo mats are just the usual types of commercial or industrial floor mats, except for the marketing graphics on their topsides. As such, you have to consider and specify the type of floor mat that you want so that it can be customized into a logo mat. For instance, you can request an indoor/outdoor entrance mat to be made into a branded logo mat. This means that the designer will first have to produce a typical entryway mat complete with a scraping surface and water drainage properties for removing outdoor dirt, mud and grime. He will then imprint the desired logo, company name, and the marketing message on the mat.
  • By Design: Still under type of mat, you should pick a suitable logo design and printing method or technique. There are about three major types of logo design and publishing technologies and these include inlay mats, molded log mats, and digitally printed mats. Your choice design technique will depend on the availability of the technology, the desired graphical results, and the cost vs. quality of the design.

Site Of Installation

And lastly you have to consider and define all relevant installation details regarding your customized logo mat(s). There are several things that you have to specify here regarding the site of installation. One, the commercial or industrial setting or environment such as restaurant mats, medical mats, welding mats etc. You also have to state the actual site(s) of installation. This is especially crucial because the mat needs to be strategically positioned to ensure fast, lasting, and as many visual impressions as possible by the target customers. This requires a well lit and relatively exposed site/spot. Plus you have to pick a nice and appealing mat size, color, shape, and overall design. Not to forget the cardinal rule of graphical marketing — always keep it simple to enhance message expression and comprehension.