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Major Benefits Of Installing Entrance Mats In Residential & Commercial Buildings

Entrance mats, also called entryway mats or indoor-outdoor mats, are protective floor covers that are installed inside or outside doorways to protect the interior from dirt, mud, grit, grime and winter salts from outside. These mats act as protective links between the exposed outdoors and the clean and safe indoors. Depending on their site of deployment or installation, entrance mats are further classified as either indoor mats or outdoor mats, or both. These categories are quite self explanatory. Indoor entrance mats are installed just inside the house while outdoor mats are on the outside of the doorway. Indoor/outdoor entryway mats extend from inside the house, across the doorway, and some distance outdoors. In addition to scraping and trapping dirt and mud, entrance mats also decorate the house. Most entryway mats are impressively designed and they come in many tasty colors, sizes, and shapes to enhance their aesthetic appeal. Some of them are even imprinted with adorable “welcome” messages thus doubling up as logo floor mats. Benefits of installing entrance mats in residential and commercial settings are discussed below.

Residential Entryway Mats


These are ordinary entrance floor mats for home use. They are usually designed according to the site of installation. Naturally, outdoor mats are made from tougher and hardier materials like rubber and vinyl loop, which can withstand severe outdoor weather conditions. Most indoor mats are made from cozier prettier carpet materials like acrylic and PET polyester. Residential entryway mats have engraved patterns and/or protruding ridges on both the top and bottom surfaces for floor-to-mat traction and for vigorous scraping.


One of the main benefits of using entrance mats at home is that they keep the house clean and the floors intact. The scraping and wiping features help to keep your house clean. They also protect the interior floors from wear and tear. You can also use a heated entrance snow mat to melt ice on your doorstep.

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Entrance mats also provide floor safety because they are slip-resistant. They protect us from slip, trip and fall accidents by providing our wet slippery shoes with some traction.

And lastly, entrance floor mats enhance the aesthetic appeal of a house due to their stylish surface designs, beautiful colors, and elegant shapes.


Commercial Entrance Mats

These are also called industrial entrance mats and they are usually installed just inside or outside an office or industrial doorway. Commercial entryway mats have more defined design features than residential mats, usually in line with their specific industrial application. They come with such specialized design enhancements like grease & oil resistance, antimicrobial, noise & vibration absorption, electro-static dissipation, chemical resistance and so many more.



Commercial entrance floor mats offer several functional benefits upon installation. The first benefit is that they enhance safety at the workplace. Like in the residential case above, industrial entryway mats are slip- and water-resistant, and hence they protect your workforce and customers from accidents.

Again it’s just like in the home scenario; commercial entrance mats also protect floors from getting dirty or suffering outdoor contamination, and also from surface scrapes and scratches. And last but not least, commercial entryway mats can be customized with the company’s name and logo to enhance brand awareness. You can also boost your company’s image by installing eco-friendly or recycled entrance mats to enhance your reputation as a responsible environmentally friendly business.