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4 Recommended Areas For Installing Floor Mats In The Workplace

Many business owners have now realized the importance of installing floor mats in their business premises. The main reason for installing floor mats in the workplace is to prevent slip and fall accidents. Floor mats are also used to keep the floors clean and to protect them from physical damage by human traffic. By covering the floor and trapping all dirt and debris from outdoors, the mats ensure that the interior spaces are always clean and that the floor is not scraped and scratched by human traffic. Commercial floor mats are also used to prevent fatigue in the workplace. Anti fatigue floor mats relieve physical strain and stress from the legs and muscles of a long standing worker. There are also some specially designed floor mats that are used for brand promotion and marketing. These mats are referred to as custom logo mats. As the name implies, logo mats are customized with the name and logo of the company and then installed in strategic spaces for maximum viewership by visiting clients. Whichever the purpose of installing floor mats in the workplace, there are four areas that should always be covered with a floor mat. We will now look at each of these recommended areas for installing floor mats in the workplace.

Boulevard MatMain Entrance

You should always install an entry mat at the main entrance of your business premises. The main entrance is the site where everyone visiting your business premises passes through. This means that if you install a beautiful entry mat here, everyone passing through will be safe and very impressed. You should consider installing a very beautiful custom logo mat at the main entrance of your business premises. This floor mat will be very effective in promoting your brand name. The entrance mat should also be slip resistant and of very high quality to ensure workplace safety and floor protection.


The reception area is another recommended site for installing an interior commercial floor mat. The reception area hosts all clients who visit your business premises. It is therefore essential that you install a high quality floor mat in this space. It is also recommendable that you install a logo mat in this section. This is because many people will be able to see your company’s name and logo when waiting in the reception area. The reception area floor mat should also be slip resistant to ensure safety in your place of business. And if customers have to stand for long when being served here, then you should consider installing an anti-fatigue floor mat in the reception area.

Hallways And Doorways

You should also install interior floor mats in all the hallways and across all doorways. Installing floor mats in all hallways will project a professional outlook to your customers. It will also muffle the footsteps of all users. You can also install custom logo mats in all hallways and doors to further imprint the name of your company or brand in the minds of your clients.

Under Chairs And Desks

You should install chair and desk mats in all office cubicles. Chair mats are designed to protect floors and also to provide ergonomic comfort in the workplace. You should consider installing heated chair and desk mats to provide warmth to your workers during the cold season. This will enhance their productivity due to the added comfort in the workplace.