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How To Ensure Workplace Safety With Industrial Matting Solutions

The main purpose of installing floor mats either at home or in the workplace is to ensure personal safety. Floor mats are mainly installed to prevent slip and fall accidents at home or in the workplace. All floor mats are supposed to provide traction to the user when walking on a slippery or dry floor. All floor mats are specially designed with cleats and ridges such that when a person steps on the mat, there is sufficient friction to keep him from sliding and falling on the floor. Industrial floor mats feature additional safety features to ensure workplace safety. These special safety features vary according to the industrial application of the mat. Some mats like medical floor mats are specially designed for use in specific industries or working environments. These mats have special features like antimicrobial properties to prevent contamination in sanitary working environments. Most industrial floor mats share similar safety features and can hence be used in any working environment. You can always ensure workplace safety by installing the following industrial matting solutions.

Install Anti-Slip Floor Mats

All industrial floor mats should be slip resistant. This means that when choosing an industrial mat, you should always ensure that it is a commercial anti slip mat. Anti-slip floor mats provide traction on slippery floors. These mats prevent slip and fall accidents in the workplace by ensuring that the human users have adequate friction when walking on the floor. You should always install anti-slip floor mats in your place of business to avoid accident-related liabilities.

Install Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

You can also ensure workplace safety by installing anti fatigue floor mats. Anti fatigue mats are specially designed floor mats that provide ergonomic comfort in the workplace. These mats feature special foam or sponge materials sandwiched between tough rubber and vinyl backings. The foam or spongy material provides buoyancy to the user thereby relieving physical strain and stress from his leg and back muscles. Fatigue in the workplace can severely undermine the productivity of your workforce. This is especially serious if your workers have to stand for long when performing their duties. Workers in assembly lines and other standing jobs spend most of their working hours on their feet. This can cause very serious back and leg problems. It can also affect blood circulation and other serious health complications. You can prevent all these problems by installing anti fatigue floor mats in your place of business.

Install Nonconductive Floor Mats

Nonconductive floor mats are usually installed in electrically powered working environments. These mats are used to prevent electrical shocks in such working environments. Nonconductive floor mats are also called welding safe floor mats because they are mainly used in welding jobs. Antistatic floor mats are another type of electrically safe floor mats. Antistatic floor mats conduct and neutralize static electricity from the environment thereby creating a safe working environment.

Install Safety Signs And Markers

safety sign

Safety signs and markers are another important industrial safety solution. These products are usually manufactured and sold by matting companies. You should install safety signs and markers in all the relevant areas in your workplace. There should be clear signs and markers indicating hazardous regions or areas. There should even be signs and markers showing fire exits and other important sections.