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5 Reasons Why WaterHog Floor Mats Are So Popular

Matting brands and companies are ranked according to the quality of their matting products. One matting brand has earned a name for itself because of its high quality matting products. This is the waterhog matting brand. WaterHog matting products are very popular in the matting industry. These floor mats are usually manufactured from very strong and durable materials. Most waterhog floor mats are made from polyethylene or polypropylene. These are heavy duty thermoplastic polymers. The mats usually come with a reinforced bi-level rubber backing. WaterHog mats are also very effective when it comes to providing floor safety, protecting the floors and keeping them clean, and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the house. WaterHog mats come in many different size, surface designs, shapes, and colors; which means that you will get any type of mat you want. WaterHog mats are mainly used as entrance floor mats but they are also used as interior mats. Actually, these mats are ideal for indoor and outdoor placement. The following are the main reasons why waterhog mats are so popular.

Extremely Durable

As mentioned above, waterhog matting products are manufactured from super strong materials. Some of these mats are produced from polyethylene with a nitrile rubber backing. Others are manufactured from polypropylene with a molded rubber backing. These materials are very strong and durable. WaterHog matting products are designed for medium to heavy traffic areas. The main reason why most people prefer these mats is because they are very economical. Instead of buying low quality floor mats that will keep wearing out and require replacement after a few years, you can buy waterhog mats and stay for a very long time without any replacement.

Very Functional

WaterHog mats are very functional. These mats usually fulfill all the basic matting needs plus more. For starters, all waterhog mats are slip resistant. In other words, they are specially designed to enhance traction on wet slippery floors thereby preventing slip, trip, and fall accidents. Secondly, waterhog mats are specially designed with cleats and ridged surfaces to enable proper scraping of mud, dirt, debris, and moisture from the shoes. WaterHog mats can retain 1 ½ gallons of water per square yard. Thirdly, some waterhog mats have anti fatigue properties, meaning that they enhance ergonomic comfort in the workplace. Fourthly, some waterhog mats have a heating element to provide warmth during the cold season. As you can see, waterhog matting products provide everything you need in a floor mat and more.

Easy To Clean

Cleaning and maintaining a floor mat is not that easy. You have to choose the right material and quality that cleans easy and is easy to maintain. WaterHog mats are highly popular because they are very easy to clean and maintain. You can vacuum them regularly and hose them down without any problems.

Easy To Customize

You can customize waterhog logo mats with any logo, image or brand name. These mats are specially designed for brand promotion and marketing. You can have the logo of your business printed on the face of a waterhog logo mat and install it in your place of business.

Many Different Styles, Shapes, And Colors

WaterHog mats offer a wide variety of choices to the buyer. They come in very many design styles, colors, sizes, and shapes to suit specific client needs. You can also order custom made waterhog mats to suit your preferences.

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