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How To Choose WaterHog Entry Mats

Floor mats are mainly classified according to the type of material or fabric used to produce them. This is how we get rubber floor mats, vinyl floor mats, polyethylene floor mats, polypropylene floor mats, carpet fiber floor mats etc. Floor mats are also classified according to the brand. There are some highly reputed matting brands in the market today but none beats the WaterHog brand. WaterHog floormats are the most popular types of floor mats in the market today. These mats are available for residential and commercial applications. In other words, waterhog mats can be installed in homes and also in places of business. WaterHog floor mats are also available for many different sites of placement. You can place them across your doorway as entryway floor mats. You can also place them inside the house as interior mats. You can even customize them with your business logo and install them as waterhog logo mats. WaterHog mats are designed for indoor and outdoor placement. WaterHog entrance or entry floor mats are some of the most popular waterhog mats in the market today. Today you are going to learn how to choose waterhog entryway mats.

Consider The Material/Fabric

The first thing that you should consider when buying any type of floor mat is the mat production material or fabric. This is very important because it tells you how strong and durable the mat is. The mat production material also indicates how functional the floor mat is. WaterHog floor mats are manufactured from very strong thermoplastic polymers and nitrile rubber. They are mainly produced from heavy duty polyethylene or polypropylene with a reinforced rubber backing. When choosing waterhog entry mats, make sure that they are made from either of these thermoplastic polymers and a molded or reinforced rubber backing. Remember that entrance or entryway floor mats are subjected to very heavy foot traffic and hence they should be made from strong durable materials. They should also be very effective in scraping dirt, mud, debris, and water from the shoes. WaterHog entry mats can absorb one and half gallons of water per square yard.

Consider The Surface Design

Another important consideration when choosing waterhog entryway floor mats is the surface design. WaterHog mats come in many different surface designs. You should always choose a classic design that complements the interior décor of your hose. You should also make sure that the surface is well ridged for scraping mud, dirty, and water from your shoes. Also consider the type of backing in the waterhog entry mat. Choose a cleated backing for carpeted floors and a smooth surface for hard floor surfaces.

Consider The Size And Shape

You have to make sure that your waterhog entry mats are of the right size. You should first consider the size of the installation space. Use these measurements to choose a waterhog entry mat that will fully cover that space. You should also consider the shape of the installation site to ensure that you choose a suitably shaped waterhog entry mat. You can also extend the mat to enhance its functionality and maybe to promote your brand name using a waterhog logo mat.

Consider The Color

Choose a suitable color for your waterhog entryway mat. The color of your mat should match or complement the interior décor of your house or building. WaterHog entry mats come in many attractive colors.

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