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Advantages Of Installing Anti Fatigue Safety Mats

Anti fatigue floor mats provide a myriad of functional benefits to the user in the workplace. These are specially designed mats that provide comfort in commercial and industrial working environments. Anti fatigue floor mats feature a buoyant material in between tough backings to absorb muscle stress when the user is standing. These mats are usually installed in working environments where the staff and/or customers spend a significant amount of time standing. For instance, you will find anti fatigue floor mats in surgical theaters where surgeons operate while standing. They are also installed in ATM lobbies and in reception areas where customers stand while waiting to be served. We will discuss the main advantages of installing anti fatigue in the workplace below.

User Comfort

One of the main advantages of installing anti fatigue industrial mats is to enhance user comfort. And by “user” we are referring to both the workers and the customers in any workplace. As mentioned above, anti fatigue floor mats are designed to reduce muscle stress and strain on the wearer. They feature special materials that absorb bodily stain when you are standing. These ergonomic floor mats are designed to enhance weight distribution buy the standing user and to optimize blood circulation in the body. The user is forced to shift his weight from time to time to prevent numbing. The anti fatigue mat absorbs the downward force exerted by the standing user thereby relieving his body from bodily fatigue and tiredness. The improved circulation in the body helps the heart to preserve energy thereby retaining the user in active condition. As such, the anti fatigue floor mats ensure overall comfort in the workplace. And in some cases, some of the anti fatigue floor mats come with electrical heating elements to provide heat during the cold season. This further enhances the comfort o the user in your place of business.

Workplace Safety

Another important advantage of installing anti fatigue floor mats in any commercial or industrial environment is to enhance workplace safety. In addition to providing ergonomic comfort in the workplace, anti fatigue floor mats also provide traction on slippery floors. This ensures that the person stepping on the floor mat does not suffer accidental slips and falls if the floor is slippery. This functional benefit is quite important because most commercial and industrial settings handle heavy human and mechanical traffic, which can affect the traction of the floor. Additionally, anti fatigue floor mats provide a cushiony surface for all falling objects in the workplace. This protects these items from breakage. And last but not least, these mats also protect the floors from physical damage while also keeping them clean.

Increased Productivity

Medical research shows that a relaxed worker is more productive than a stressed out worker. By ensuring that the workers in your business premises or production facility are always relaxed, the installed anti fatigue mats will enhance the productivity of your company. Additionally, these mats protect your staff and customers from accidental falls and the subsequent injuries. This saves the company lots of money in accident medial bill, insurance payouts, and sick leaves due to these injuries and physical fatigue.

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