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Everything You Need To Know About Commercial/Industrial Matting

Floor mats are used in commercial and industrial settings for many different purposes. Commercial or industrial matting solutions are installed in business premises, office building, production and manufacturing facilities, healthcare facilities, and other commercial buildings. The main reason why floor mats are used in any environment is to provide safety to human traffic and also to protect the floors from physical damage and keep them clean. Commercial/industrial matting solutions are mainly used to provide this kind of safety to humans and protection to the floors. Other special applications or uses of industrial or commercial matting solutions are discussed below. Learn everything you need to know about commercial/industrial matting below.

Importance Of Commercial/Industrial Matting

As mentioned above, there are many reasons for investing in commercial/industrial mating solutions. The most convincing reason for installing floor mats in commercial or industrial settings is to protect people from falls and other accidents. Most commercial/industrial matting solutions are slip resistant and hence provide traction on slippery floors. This prevents accidental falls and the subsequent injuries in the workplace. Another major importance of commercial/industrial matting solutions is to keep the floors clean, attractive, and in good condition. Floor mats protect floors from physical damage when the furniture is being moved around. Entrance floor mats are installed in the doorway to trap all dirt and moisture from outdoors and hence keep the indoor floors clean. Plus you can use commercial floor mats to decorate your floors and project a professional outlook of your workplace.

Another major application of commercial/industrial matting solutions is advertisement and branding. You can use specially designed floor mats called logo mats to advertise or promote your brand name or corporate image. These branding floor mats should be placed in strategic places to capture the attention of the visiting clients. And last but not least, most commercial/industrial mating solutions are designed to offer ergonomic comfort. These mats are called anti fatigue floor mats and they are recommended for workplaces where workers or clients have to stand for some time. They absorb the physical strain of your muscles thereby relieving you off any bodily stress when standing in line for something or when working while standing. They are very popular in assembly lines, ATM waiting booths, and receptions where people stand for long.

Types Of Commercial/Industrial Matting Solutions

Commercial/industrial matting solutions can be classified according to their functional application and also according to their physical nature. When we classify commercial floor mats according to their functional application or use, we get indoor floor mats, entrance or entryway floor mats, anti fatigue floor mats, logo floor mats, and even some outdoor floor mats. As you can see, we have already covered most of these types of commercial/industrial matting solutions. All you need to know about these types of mats is that indoor floor mats are installed indoors, outdoor floor mats outdoors, and entrance or entryway floor mats in the doorways.

The other method of classifying commercial/industrial matting solutions is by their physical nature. This is where we have wall-to-wall commercial matting, office chair mats, and ordinary safety mats. As the name suggests, wall-to-wall commercial matting solutions cover the whole room continuously from one wall to the other. Office chair mats are usually installed beneath your desk underneath your chair to protect the floor from chair scrapes. And ordinary safety mats are installed all over the place for general safety and protection.