Anti Slip


    Johnsonite® OEM Anti-Slip Tread Tape

    This is the OEM Johnsonite® replacement Anti-Slip Tape for safer stair treads. Available in 2" x 60'. This product is available in 11 colors.

    Aqua Safe Anti Slip Waterproof Tape

    Ideal for showers, boats, kitchens and labs

    Safety Grip Tape

    Floormat Anti-Slip Tape

    Designed to increase safety by improving foot traction, these anti-slip tapes also draw visual attention to areas that might require additional caution.

    Grit Coated Fiberglass Step Covers

    Grit-Coated Step Covers & Walkway Panels provide slip resistance, durability and a permanent anti-slip solution. Fiber glass step covers are lightweight and ideal for use on structurally sound surfaces.

    Anti-Slip Mop Top Tape

    Durable anti-slip tape reduces friction between mops & sponges

    Extreme Step Tread

    Made with a proprietary formula,'s Extreme tapes & treads are specifically designed to out-perform standard anti-slip tapes. Multi-climate durable design is ideal for demanding applications where safety is a must.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ General Purpose Tape

    General purpose slip-resistant tapes prevernt Slip & Fall Accidents

    Floormat Specialty Step Tread

    Specialty Step Tread

    For durable safety, Floormat Specialty Step Tread is made with a mineral abrasive grit-coated polyester film to provide ultimate traction. The pressure sensitive adhesive backing with removable liner offers the versatility to be applied to both interior and exterior applications. These anti-slip slogan treads offer the protection with the added awareness of caution slogan to catch attention.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient Tape

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Medium Resilient Tape provides “high-traction.” Features a resilient, non-mineral, slip-resistant material. Soft surface is suitable for bare feet. For locker rooms and recreational/athletic equipment, boats and docks, interior stairwells, entryways and lobbies. Available in custom sizes and colors, and with custom adhesives.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Conformable Tape

    Add anti-slip grit to irregular surfaces such as diamond plate

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Course Tape

    Slip-resistant tape systems improve safety on U. S. Coast Guard Cutters

    3M Safety-Walk Fine Resilient Tape

    A fine-textured, slip resistant surface with a pressure-sensitive adhesive backing provides enhanced safety and comfort in light- and barefoot-traffic areas.

    Floormat Edge Fix Sealing Compound

    For use in heavily traffic areas or where there might be a lot of impact at sharp angles (for example one of our non slip stair treads on a stair nosing with high heels impacting onto the sides) we recommend Edge Fix sealer.

    3M™ Safety-Walk™ Edge Sealing Compound

    Liquid, solvent-based sealer helps protect exposed edges of slip-resistant tapes and treads from excessive moisture or liquids. One 5-ounce tube with convenient tube applicator seals approximately 75 to 100 linear feet.