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Care And Maintenance Tips For Entrance Mats

All floor mats should be afforded proper care and maintenance to enhance their functionality and to prolong their lifespan. Different types of floor mats require different care and maintenance practices. But we mostly consider the type of material used to produce a certain floor mat before deciding how to should cared for and maintained. And as you very well know, there are three main types of mat production materials, namely rubber, vinyl, and carpet fibers. These three materials require different care and maintenance activities. We also consider the type of mat when deciding on its care and maintenance. For instance, entrance floor mats should not be cared or maintained the same way you care or maintain interior mats. This is mainly because entrance floor mats are exposed to harsher weather and environmental conditions and hence require special care and maintenance. Due to space limitations, we are only going to share care and maintenance tips for entrance floor mats in this article.

Regular Cleaning

All floor mats require regular cleaning. But this is especially important for entrance floor mats. As mentioned above, entrance floormats are usually exposed to very harsh weather and environmental conditions. This is due to the fact that entrance mats are installed across the doorway. Some entrance mats are installed just inside the house while others are installed just outside the door. Other entrance mats are laid across the doorway extending both inside and outside the house. This means that the mat is exposed to outdoor weather and environmental conditions, which means more dirt and moisture. Another reason why you should clean entrance mats regularly is because of heavy usage. Everyone who enters your home or enters your office building has to step and scrape on the entrance mat. This means that entrance mats collect a lot of dirt, mud, moisture, and debris. You should clean your entrance floor mats thoroughly to enhance their functionality and to keep your building clean.

Clean Installation Space

After cleaning your entrance floor mat, take time to clean the installation space too. And speaking of cleaning, entrance floor mats should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week depending on the weather conditions. You can vacuum them once or twice a day depending on the weather conditions. But you should hose your entrance floor mat with high pressure water at least once a week depending on the weather conditions. You should also use soap and water for the thorough weekly cleanup. Remember you have to remove the entrance mat from the installation space for cleanup. You should then clean the installation space thoroughly to ensure that the mat is reinstalled in a clean space.

Proper Storage And Handling

You should avoid folding your entrance floor mat. Even after cleaning the entrance mat, you should not fold it to dry. You should instead lay it flat to dry. And even after the entrance mat has dried, you shouldn’t fold it for storage. Make sure the entrance mat is totally dry before reinstalling it.

Replace Old Worn-Out Entrance Mats

You should inspect your entrance mats regularly for damages. You can fix or repair minor damages like frayed edges. You can also hire a matting technician to repair any worn-out entrance mats. But you should not hesitate to replace old worn-out entrance mats with new functional ones.

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