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5 Benefits Of Installing Entrance Floor Mats In The Workplace

Entrance floor mats are installed both at home and in the workplace. Entrance floor mats are also called entryway or entry mats because they are usually installed at the main entrance of a residential house or commercial building. Entrance floor mats that are installed at home are referred to as residential entrance mats while those installed in commercial buildings are called commercial entrance mats. Entrance floor mats can be installed just outside the door or just inside the building. They can also run across the doorway extending both inside and outside the house. As such, entrance floor mats can be interior mats, outdoor mats, or both. All entrance mats are designed to trap dirt, moisture and other debris from outdoors as you walk into the house. This is the main functional application of entrance floor mats. We will now look at all the functional benefits of installing entrance floor mats at your place of business.

To Keep Indoors Clean And Dry

By trapping all dirt, moisture, and debris from the soles of your shoes or feet as you walk inside the house, entrance floor mats ensure that the interior floors remain clean and dry. They prevent you from dragging all manner of dirt, debris and moisture into the house after you have been walking outdoors. Commercial entrance floor mats are especially useful in keeping the workplace clean and dry. Remember that commercial building handle a lot of human traffic. If all these people are allowed to ensure the building without scraping dirt form their shoes, the whole place would be a mess. That is why commercial entrance floor mats come with reinforced ridges on the top side to enhance scraping of dirt, mud and debris from the shoes of users. They also have special ridges or absorbent materials to drain or absorb moisture from the soles of the shoes of workers and clients.

To Protect The Floors

Another important benefit of commercial entrance floor mats is floor protection. In addition to keeping the interior floors clean and dry, entrance floor mats also protect the floors from damage. If all your workers and clients walked in without scraping debris from the soles of their shoes, then they would scrape the floors with the tiny rocks and sane that is usually trapped in the soles of their shoes. Some commercial entrance floor mats extend a long way inside the building. This ensures floor protection throughout the commercial building.

Floor Safety

One of the most important reasons of installing entrance floor mats is to ensure floor safety. When you walk for some time outdoors, you are bound to collect all manner of dirt, moisture, mud, and debris in the soles of your shoes. If you walk inside the house without scraping first, then you can slip and fall on the floor because of your slippery shoes. But after scraping all dirt, moisture, and mud from your shoes, then you can safely walk into the house.

Brand Promotion

Many commercial entrance floor mats are used for brand promotion and advertising. These entrance floor mats are usually customized with the brand or logo of a company and installed as logo mats at the main entrance of a commercial building.


And last but not least, commercial entrance floor mats are used to decorate the business premises. When colorfully branded with the company’s logo, these entrance floor mats project a professional outlook of the business.

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