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    CleanShield™ Commode Mat


    CleanShield commode mats are premium restroom mats designed to help prevent odors and protect floors and grout from uric acid damage.

    • Minimizes Odors – Anti-microbial treatment provides lifetime protection from odors and degradation
    • Protects Floors – Seep-Guard barrier eliminates urine seepage, protecting your floors from damage caused by uric acid
    • Stays in Place – Tacki-Back adhesive keeps the mat flat and in place
    • Dries Quickly – Surface dissipates moisture quickly for fast drying time
    • Hassle Free – Mats can be left in place during daily floor cleaning; floor scrubbers, mops, and brooms will pass right over them without causing damage
    • Safe – Certified high-traction by the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI)
    • Eco-Friendly – PET fabric is made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles
    • Attractive – Surface features an attractive diamond pattern that provides an upscale look
    • Designed for 30-day usage; easy-to-read TimeStrip indicates when it’s time to replace the mat (step on/push to initially activate)
    • Sold by the case/box; 6 mats per case
    • CleanShield urinal mats are also available

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