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Common Types Of Industrial Matting Products

Most matting dealers and manufacturers list their industrial matting products according to their brands. There are many recognizable matting brands out there and most of them share the same functional properties or specifications. When choosing an industrial matting solution for your business, you should choose the most reliable matting brand after considering the functional suitability of a specific industrial floor mat. In considering the functional suitability of a specific industrial mat, you should always consider your business matting needs. You should also consider the quality of the material or fabric used to manufacture the industrial mat. And last but not least, you should ensure that the industrial mat is easy to clean and maintain to avoid costly maintenance costs. Although you might not be able to recognize all or most of the brands offered by a certain mat dealer, you should be able to determine whether the mat is functionally okay or not based on your matting needs. Most industrial floormats can be classified into several of the following matting types; anti-slip or slip-resistant floor mats, anti-fatigue floor mats, entryway or entrance floor mats, and other specialized applications. Let us now look at each of these functional types of industrial matting products.

Slip-Resistant Industrial Mats

As mentioned above, most industrial floor mats are slip resistant. These mats are specially designed with rough textured surfaces to provide traction to the user when walking on a wet slippery floor. One of the main applications or uses of floor mats is to provide floor safety. Anti-slip or slip-resistant industrial mats ensure floor safety in the workplace by preventing slip-and-trip accidents. Workers and/or clients can walk on your wet slippery floors without falling and injuring themselves because of the installed slip-resistant industrial mats.

Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats

Most industrial floor mats have anti-fatigue properties r qualities to ensure ergonomic comfort in the workplace. Anti-fatigue industrial mats are specially designed with a sponge or foam backing to absorb physical strain and stress from the leg muscles of workers or customers who have to stand for too long in your place of business. These industrial mats enhance blood circulation, relieve joint and back pains, and prevent fatigue in the workplace. The workers are refreshed even after standing for long, which means that they stay active and productive throughout the working session.

Entryway Floor Mats

Entryway or entrance floor mats are installed both at home and in commercial or industrial settings. Industrial entryway floor mats are installed across the main doorway in any office building, business premises, production site, factory, or any other commercial or industrial setting. These industrial mats are used to keep the indoors clean by trapping dirt and other debris from the soles of visitors getting into the building. Entryway mats can also be used as log mats for brand promotion and marketing.

Linkable Interlocking Floor Mats

Linkable industrial floor mats have specially designed edges that interlock to from one long and continuous floor mat. These mats are installed on long and expansive floor surfaces to provide floor safety and other functional benefits to the user. Linkable interlocking industrial mats are very versatile and they can be installed in any setting without any constraints.

ESD Floor Mats

We also have electrically conductive and dissipative industrial mats that are used to safely neutralize electrical current to prevent electrical shocks in the workplace. These are also referred to as welding safe floor mats because they are mainly used in welding factories and production sites. ESD floor mats are specialized industrial mats with additional functional benefits.