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Important Product Details/Specifications To Look For With Industrial Mats

Industrial floor mats have many different functional properties to suit various commercial applications. You should always consider these functional properties or product details/specifications when choosing an industrial floor mat for your place of business. This is because there are special industrial mats for specific types of businesses. This means that you should always match a type of industrial mat with your type of business. You should also consider all the matting needs of your business before buying an industrial mat. This means that you should consider whether you need anti-fatigue matting solutions, slip-resistant floor mats, ESD matting, noise and vibration reduction matting solutions, heated floor mats, and any other functional application. And lastly you should always consider the quality and durability of a specific industrial matting solution. In order to ensure that your industrial floor mats fulfills all your matting needs, you should always consider the following product details and specifications.

Protective Properties/Qualities

One of the main reasons for installing industrial floor mats is to provide workplace safety and protection. Industrial floor mats are designed to protect the user from all kinds of hazards in the workplace. That is why you should always consider the protective qualities or capabilities of a specific industrial mat before buying it. And in order to choose the right protective properties or qualities, you should always consider the nature of your workplace. For instance, if you work in a wet environment, then you should choose an industrial mat that is water resistant. If you work in a chemical factory, then chemical resistant floor mats are the way to go. And if your workplace is laden with greases, oils, and animal & vegetable fats, then you should choose oil and grease proof floor mats for installation. All these protective qualities will ensure that your workers and clients are well protected from these hazardous agents and chemicals in your place of business.

Slip Resistance

Almost all industrial floor mats are slip resistant. The main reason for this is because most commercial and industrial worksites are wet and slippery from time to time. Most of these commercial and industrial floors are cleaned from time to time due to heavy human and vehicular traffic. After cleaning, these floors can be wet and slippery, which can pose physical danger to your workers and/or clients. In order to prevent slip-and-fall accidents in your workplace, choose and install an anti-slip or slip-resistant industrial mat.

Anti Fatigue Properties

Depending on the nature of your work, you should always consider installing an anti-fatigue industrial mat. Some workers and/or clients have to stand for too long when working or transacting. This can exert a lot of physical stress on the body leading to fatigue and low productivity on the workers’ side. You should install anti-fatigue floor mats in these standing areas, such as assembly lines, ATM lobbies, reception counters etc, to enhance ergonomic comfort in your workplace.

Tough Durable Materials

When choosing an industrial mat for any type of business application or use, always consider the quality of the materials or fabrics used to manufacture it. You should always choose tough durable matting materials to ensure that you get your money’s worthy. Nitrile rubber with a tough foam backing serves the user for a long time without wearing out. This material is also easy to clean and maintain.

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