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Floormats for Work

The change of seasons in many parts of the country requires businesses to adjust to them to make safety a number one priority for their employees and customers. For example, the snow, salt, and debris from the outside can enter the premises under employees’ shoes and consequently be tracked to other parts of the building. Similarly, during the rainy season, water and pollen can be tracked inside a building and make the floors and office space slippery and dangerous.

Floor mats placed on the entryways of these buildings can make the difference between an accident waiting to happen or comfortably walking indoors.

There are different mats for every season and for every situation.  For example, our business carries a huge selection of floor mats for every season.  In the springtime, the constant rain showers in many parts of the country leave the entrance to the business flooded and dangerous. Furthermore, the business’ floors become damaged or looking old because they are unprotected.

Placing a scraper mat at the entrance of the business will reduce or completely eliminate the water coming from the outdoors.  These scraper mats don’t fade, or rot, instead they give you the assurance your floors will stay dry and safe for anyone coming into the business. Furthermore, these scraper mats and WaterHog Mats effectively hold the moisture and debris coming from the outside.

Our great selection of WaterHog Mats have the power to absorb 1 1/2 gallons of water per square yard.  That makes them a great addition to any entrance building, or office space.

In restaurants where spills are a common occurrence, trips and falls are expected.  By placing these WaterHog Mats in strategic areas where water spills are most likely to occur, businesses can protect their employees from trips and falls and possibly serious injury. Similarly, these floor mats placed at the main entrance of the business will protect customers and visitors from slipping and falling.

Restaurants are not the only business where the safety of their employees is linked to the success of the businesses and their bottom line. Work-related injuries are one of the most common reasons people miss work. Those missing days become problematic for any business, especially if they are in the manufacturing and retail business.  Slips and falls are one of the major contributors to employee injuries, and those injuries could be preventable. 

For businesses in manufacturing and retail facilities, where work, and check-out stations are prevalent, a Hog Heaven III Linkable Comfort Floor Mat is the floormat you need. The anti-fatigue aspect of this floormat is perfect for dry areas where employees spend a lot of time on their feet. Furthermore, the surface of this floormat stays flexible for the life of the floormat and will not curl at the edges. 

Retail stores where employees at the check-out stations spend hours on their feet, the anti-fatigue quality of this floormat will ensure employees aches and pains due to standing for long hours won’t lead to a decrease in productivity. Most importantly, research about anti-fatigue mats has shown employees are less likely to suffer from lower back pain from standing on their feet for many hours every day.  Above all, these floor mats protect them from having a more serious injury if they trip or fall. It is especially important for these retail stores to provide entryway mats where the majority of water, snow, or debris from the outdoors stay out, and to ensure their high traffic areas are dry and clean for their customers. 

At, we are committed to providing you with a huge selection of entryway mats, WaterHog Mats, Logo Mats, and everything else you need to keep your customers and employees safe. At, we can provide your business with disinfectants, Social distance floor mats, Antimicrobial Mats, and signage to keep your business running smoothly every day and at the right price. Contact Us Today.