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$34.95$288.92 USD

Frontier Floor Mat

The Frontier mat is a specialty mat that is made from a unique vinyl spaghetti material that is looped together to create a web-like matting. This design will filter dirt and water off of the bottom of your foot traffic and it will naturally fall to the bottom of the mat. Cleaning the mat is as simple as shaking out the debris or by power washing the matting. Recommended for use in locker rooms, showers, around pools, and as entry mats into commercial and retail buildings.

  • Unbacked vinyl loop scraper mat
  • Filters dirt and water at the door
  • Order with or without edging
  • 3/8″ thick
  • Recommended for use in locker rooms, showers and around pools

Standard Sizes (Approximate)

SizeQty. 1-5Qty. 6+
2' X 3'$34.95$33.20
2' X 3' with edging$80.00$76.00
3' X 5'$84.95$80.70
4' X 6'$134.95$128.20
3' X 5' with edging$160.00$152.00
3' X 10'$169.95$161.45
4' X 8'$184.95$175.70
4' X 6' with edging$226.00$214.70
4' X 8' with edging$288.84$274.40
3' X 10' with edging$288.92$274.47
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    1 review for Frontier Floor Mat

    1. 5 out of 5

      Lucille Harrison

      I recently ordered the Frontier mat and it is of top-notch quality, made from durable materials that effectively trap dirt.

      What really set my experience apart, however, was the helpful staff member who assisted me throughout the ordering process. They were incredibly knowledgeable and provided me with all the information I needed to make an informed decision. They went above and beyond to ensure that my order was exactly what I needed.

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    Frontier Floor Mat

    $34.95$288.92 USD

    5.00 out of 5
    (1 customer review)