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    Grip Rock Freezer Floor Mat


    This non-slip matting promotes safety – to maintain employee performance, decrease injury related time off, workers compensation claims, and accident related litigation. Specifically designed to withstand cold temperatures found in coolers and freezers.

    • Made with crushed garnet and ceramic beads for secure footing
    • Backing restricts creeping / Flexible even at freezer temperatures
    • Low profile eliminates tripping hazard and allows it to be placed under thresholds
    • Resists fungal & bacterial growth

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    per lf, 3' wide$46.12$41.51
    3' X 5'$224.00$201.60
    3' X 10'$438.00$394.20
    3' X 15'$697.14$627.43
    3' X 20'$861.00$774.90
    3' X 25'$1071.00$963.90
    3' X 30'$1284.00$1155.60
    3' X 40'$1713.00$1541.70
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