Floormat Heated Chair Mat



Price: $322.40

RugBuddy and Spiffy Vinyl matting provide warm, radiant heat from under your chair or workstation.
The kit consists of three products that will be laid over top of each other. This is so you can position it as needed for your desk/application. There is also a thermostat at the end of the cord that will be plugged into the wall outlet. It is a self-regulating thermostat. Which means it will not require any settings.

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34" X 58"$322.40$290.16
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Product Description

Floormat.com’s new Heated Chair Mat Kits work under rolling office chairs or in work stations to provide safe, warm, radiant heat

Replace your current chair mat with our new Heated Chair Mat kit. Designed to work with rolling office chairs, the Heated Chair Mat Kit works on hard floors, or on carpet.

The kit provides radiant heat from the floor all around your chair or work area for maximum comfort and productivity. RugBuddy is much safer than dangerous space heaters, and the GFCI protected cord provides additional protection. It is durable and can withstand furniture legs and rolling office chairs.

Tests show our chair mat system will reach about 76-77°F. in 15-30 minutes when placed on a 60°F. floor.

Heated Chair Mat Kit

RugBuddy mats listed below are 120VAC only.