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How And When To Use Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape

Ribbed rubber anti slip tape is a very helpful product. “What is ribbed rubber anti slip tape?” you might be asking. After all, there are many anti slip tapes available on the market, such as smooth permastripe anti slip tape, and it can be difficult to tell all the varieties of anti slip tape apart. Ribbed rubber anti slip tape is a unique type of anti slip tape, and a very useful one to boot. This is a relatively new innovation in anti slip tape technology, and it has caught on very quickly. The ribbed finish of this tape allows for easy dispersion of water. For this reason, this tape is especially useful for situations where water is involved. What kinds of situations are we talking about, exactly? Read below to find out.


Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape Is Ideal For Use In Garages And Work Areas


Garages have a tendency to get wet and slippery. If the garage door is left open during a rain storm, the garage floor is bound to get soaked. Similarly, if there is a hole anywhere in the roof, you will be looking at a wet garage floor after a rainstorm. There are also (let’s face it) lots of spills that occur in the garage, whether that is spilled water, oil, or grease. That being said, it is very important that that you keep your footing in the garage, as the garage floor is a very hard surface, and there are usually several items laying around that you could potentially hit your head on. This is where ribbed rubber anti slip tape comes in to play. Ribbed rubber anti slip tape will prevent the floor from becoming slippery, even when wet.’s anti-slip tape can help anywhere with cement floors, from factories and warehouses to loading docks and cargo bays.


Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape Is Ideal For Use In Toolboxes


Toolboxes offer another great application for ribbed rubber anti slip tape. For one, it can prevent tools from sliding around in the box and getting damage. Also, it can protect your tools from water damage, in case the box ever gets wet or partially submerged. When you apply ribbed rubber anti slip tape to the bottom of the tool box, it raises the tools off of that surface. This prevents water – and other liquids – that would pool on the bottom of the box from damaging your tools.  Even though it is a recent invention, ribbed rubber anti slip tape has already become an essential item for anyone who carries around a toolkit.


Tips On Cleaning Ribbed Rubber Anti Slip Tape


Because this type of anti slip tape is ribbed, it makes for easy cleaning. Oil, grease, and dirt can easily be wiped off of the tape. It is important to keep the ribbed rubber anti slip tape clean, as it will optimize the performance and better ensure safety and protection. One of the major advantages of this type of tape is how easily it is able to be cleaned, along with its highly waterproof nature.