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Your Guide To Smooth Permastripe Tape

Smooth permastripe tape is a very useful type of anti slip tape, especially in an industrial setting. As with ribbed rubber anti slip tape, cushioned grip tape, anti slip waterproof tape, general purpose anti slip tape, and glow in the dark anti slip tape, this tape can work wonders in ensuring your safety, as well as the safety of those around you. What is smooth permastripe tape, you might be wondering? This guide is here to answer that question in a thorough but succinct way. You might have seen this tape in factories or warehouses, or in areas where hazardous materials are being handled. This tape is yellow, with diagonal black stripes. The coloring of this tape naturally makes it stand out. This means that the tape is ideal for marking off hazardous or dangerous areas. It has many more uses and benefits than just this one function, however. Read further to find out more about how permastripe tape can best be utilized.


The Components Of Smooth Permastripe Tape


One of smooth permastripe tape’s major advantages is the material that comprises it. This tape is made from a heavy duty plastic, and is thus very durable. This is certainly not a tape that will easily roll up or peel away on you. For this reason, it is important to make sure that you are sticking it in the right location, so that you will avoid wasting the tape, and so that you will avoid the extra work of having to rip the tape up. This durable material also means that the colors on the tape (which are such an important part of the tape’s function) will not wear out or fade away. This is how this tape earned the name “permastripe,” since these stripes will never go away.


Permastripe Tape Also Prevents Slips And Falls


Permastripe tape also acts as an anti slip safety tape, so that walking over this tape will greatly reduce the risk of slips and falls. For this reason, the tape should be placed in especially slippery areas, and areas with lots of equipment, which could cause a hazard in case someone were to fall. In these locations, the tape will both draw attention to the area, and prevent someone from slipping within this area. This is why smooth permastripe tape is so important, and so popular among workers in a wide variety of industries. Below, you will find out some more applications of this tape, and which industries it helps.


Uses For Smooth Permastripe Tape


One great use of smooth permastripe tape is in industrial and warehouse settings, especially in areas where forklifts are frequently used. This tape can be used to mark off designated forklift lanes, so that workers do not wander off into the path of an oncoming forklift. This tape is also very useful in food preparation areas, as it can withstand a lot of water and a lot of wear and tear. Similarly, this tape is often used in medical laboratories, both as a means of marking off hazardous areas, and of preventing slip and fall injuries.