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How To Clean Your Commercial Floor Mats

Commercial or industrial floor mats are installed by business owners in their workplaces to enhance safety and to ensure floor protection. Depending on the size and quality of the required mats, commercial floor matting can cost quite a substantial amount of money but the benefits are well worth it. Commercial floor mats usually feature some distinct qualities to enhance their functionality and durability. For instance, most commercial floor mats are slip resistant. Whether it’s an entrance mat, an interior mat, or even a logo mat, almost all commercial floor mats are slip resistant. This is a very important feature because it prevents slip and fall accidents in the workplace. Also, most commercial floor mats are anti-fatigue. In other words, most of these mats offer ergonomic comfort in the workplace, especially in areas where the workers have to stand for too long. Like all other consumer products, commercial floor mats require proper care and maintenance to ensure their functionality and longevity. And when it comes to floor mats, one of the most important care and maintenance practices is proper cleaning. That is why we have created this cleaning guide for all your commercial floor mats.

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Regular Vacuuming

You should vacuum your commercial floor mats regularly to remove any dust and dirt that might be on the surface. Because of the heavy foot traffic that is experienced by commercial floor mats, regular vacuuming is essential. You can even vacuum your commercial floor mats twice a day especially during the wet weather.

Hose The Mats

For a more thorough cleanup, you can hose your commercial industrial floor mats with high pressure water. You can remove your commercial floor mats and take them outside where you can hose them down easily. Rubber and vinyl floor mats clean up very well when hosed with high pressure water.

Use Soap And Water

You should consider cleaning your commercial floor mats with soap and water after an extended run. This means that you should remove all your commercial floor mats for thorough cleaning after some time; maybe after every week or fortnightly. Cleaning your commercial floor mats with soap and water will remove all dirt and debris from the mats. You should clean your commercial floor mats with soap and water more regularly during the rainy season.

Use A Neutral Cleaner To Remove Stubborn Stains

You might notice some stains on your commercial floor mats during vacuuming or hosing. Some of these stains can be quite stubborn and even withstand soap and water. You can use a neutral cleaner, which will not discolor or run the colors of your floor mats, to scrub out these stubborn stains.

Dry The Mat Thoroughly After Cleaning

You should always spread the mat flat to dry after cleaning. You should never fold the floor mat but rather lay it flat to dry after cleaning. Make sure the commercial floor mat is totally dry before installing it back.

Clean The Floor Under And Around The Mat

Before installing the clean mat back in its place, make sure that you clean the floor underneath and around the mat. Remove all dirt and debris from the floor where you will install the clean floor mat.