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How To Stop Dirt From Entering Your Home

The best type of dirt is the sort that you never allow to enter your home. Dirt is outside, and that is where it should stay. It is easier to stop a problem before it starts, then to fix it following the damage. Floor mats will ensure that dirt stays in its proper place.

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Let The Mat Take Care Of The Dirt


The first way to stop dirt from entering your home, is to stop it in its tracks. Most dirt that shows up in a home is drug in from outdoors. Your shoes could be the reason why the cleanliness of your home is not up to par. Dirt can enter in a residence in other ways, but the main way it is brought into a home is on your feet.

A floor mat should be placed inside and outside of your residence. Placing a mat outdoors, provides an area to scrape off your shoes before entering your residence. An indoor mat, can be used to scrape any excess dirt off, and provide a place to set your shoes. The bulk of the dirt that enters a home is drug in on the soles of shoes.


Choose The Right Type Of Mat


Selecting the right type of mat for your home will reduce dirt entering it, and you having to clean up the mess. When choosing a mat, it is important to consider its size. Effectively sized mats should be longer than the stride of an average sized adult. It should be long enough, so you can walk on it comfortably with both feet. The width of the mat should not surpass the width of the door. This will force people when they enter your residence to shift any loose dirt from their shoes prior to walking through the rest of your home.

Indoor mats should feature a vinyl or rubber backing. The backing will keep the mat in place, and you will be able to vacuum any dirt that the mat has absorbed, without it moving. Outdoor mats, should be made from rubber materials. The rubber material provides a place where a guest can scrape their shoes before entering the rest of the home.


Easy Maintenance


To remove trapped dirt from your mat, you can vacuum the area or shake the mat off outdoors. This helps to ensure that any dirt that is on the mat, stays where it was placed. If the mat gets wet and dirt or grime start to build on its surface, you will need to thoroughly clean the area.

To clean a grimy mat, take the mat outside and hose it off. You can use a liquid soap and some warm water to scrub the top surface, if anything is trapped. Once clean, rinse the mat off with water and allow it to airdry. Shampoo products can be used if the dirt and grime has built up on the surface of the mat, or if it is discolored for any reason.

Moisture that is left trapped underneath the mat can ruin the mat and the floors it is intended to protect. Make sure that you clean under the mat periodically to avoid this from occurring. Simple cleaning tasks can help you keep dirt and grime out of your home.