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Places To Install Slip Resistant Mats

Slip resistant mats are mainly used to provide floor safety in any house or building. These mats are usually installed on slippery floors to provide foot traction to the user. Slip resistant mats or anti slip floor mats are produced and marketed as safety matting products for the home or the workplace. These mats feature traction ridges on their surfaces to prevent accidental falls on slippery floors. In addition to providing floor safety, slip resistant mats also protect your floors from physical damage and from getting dirty. This is especially so if the slip resistant mat is installed at the entrance of a building. Such kinds of slip resistant mats are referred to as entrance, entryway, or indoor/outdoor floor mats. It is very important to install slip resistant mats in the following settings.

Production Sites

You should install slip resistant mats in your production site especially if your floors are constantly wet. Many production sites deal with some liquids of one type or another. Where its water or any other fluid, you should protect your workers by installing slip proof floor mats on your production floors. Most production sites and factories have some type of floor mat installed in them. When you are buying commercial/industrial floor mats for your production site, make sure that in addition to other functional properties, they are slip resistant.

Restaurant Floors

Hotels and restaurants usually deal with all kinds of drinks and beverages. There are the drinks and beverages that are served to customers. Then there is water and other fluids that are used in the kitchens for food preparation. You can suffer lots of accidental falls if you do not install floor mats in your restaurant. You should choose the right slip resistant mats for your kitchens and also for the customer area in your hotel.

Medical Facilities

Slip resistant floor mats are also installed in healthcare facilities. Hospital floors are cleaned regularly and people can slip and fall on these wet and slippery floors if they are left uncarpeted. Installing slip proof floor mats in a medical facility is a very critical safety concern. There are all kinds of liquids and fluids being used and passed in a hospital. If these fluids spill on the floors, users can suffer injuries after slipping and falling on the slippery floors. Make sure that you choose the right medical floor mats with slip resistance properties for hospital installation.

Office Floors

Office floors also require anti slip floor mats. Office floors can get very slippery especially in the wet season. These floors are also cleaned regularly leaving them wet and slippery. The absence of slip resistant floor mats on your office floors can cause many accidents to both your workers and customers. You can install slip resistant floor mats that also work as logo mat for brand promotion and advertisement purposes.

At Home

You need slip resistant floor mats in your home. You should install slip proof mats in your kitchen, bathroom, and any other wet zones in your home.

Entrance Mats

All entrance floor mats should be slip resistant. Whether it’s at home or in the office, you should make sure that the entryway floor mats at the main entrance are slip resistant.

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