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Safety Matting Explained

Matting products are classified according to their applications or uses. We have matting products that are classified as safety matting products because they are mainly used to provide floor safety in any building. Safety matting products prevent people from falling down on wet slippery floors and injuring themselves. Most floor mats qualify as safety matting products because they provide traction on slippery floors thereby protecting users from suffering accidental slips and falls. Even logo mats, which are mainly used to promote brand awareness and for other marketing purposes, are usually designed as slip proof mats to enhance floor safety in commercial and industrial environments. We will now define safety matting and then look at the different types of safety mats before sharing tips for choosing safety matting solutions.

What Is Safety Matting?

Safety matting refers to all matting solutions and products that are designed to provide floor safety to the user. These mats are designed in such a way that the user cannot slip and fall even when walking on wet slippery floors. Basically, safety floor mats feature traction ridges on their surfaces which enables them to hold on tightly to the floor even when the surface is wet and slippery. These mats cannot slide and move when you step on them and they also grip your shoe tightly to prevent you from slipping and falling when you are walking on them. Safety matting also refers to all other matting products that keep the user safe from any other harmful hazard. This includes all floor mats that prevent cross-contamination in various working areas. We also have all floor mats that protect the user from electrical shocks, such as ESD matting solutions.

Types Of Safety Mats

Like mentioned above, safety matting solutions provide safety to the user. There are many different types of floor mats all providing one kind of protection or the other to the user. The most common type of safety matting products is the slip resistant floor mats. These mats provide traction to the user thereby protecting him from slipping and falling while walking on wet and slippery floors. Anti slip mats are installed both at home and in commercial/industrial settings. A good example of these slip proof mats is the entrance mat. Entrance or entryway floor mats are installed at the main entrance of any house or building. These mats help to prevent accidental falls as people walk into a building. Another type of safety mat is the medical mat. Medical floor mats are serially designed commercial mats that prevent cross-contamination in healthcare facilities. These mats have a long-lasting sterilization agent or chemical, which prevents germs, microbes, and bacteria from multiplying and infecting users. Anti fatigue floor mats also qualify as safety matting products because they keep the users healthy and relaxed even after standing for long.

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