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Reducing Virus Risk at Work

Reducing contamination and the spread of viruses in the workplace is essential. Today, when people are expected to go to work they want more than just basic safety.  They also want to know measures are being taken to reduce the likelihood of a virus spreading around the workplace.  Yes, Corona Virus (Covid 19) is the biggest concern in 2020, but things like the flu can also create a lot of lost work and even put people’s lives in danger. 

A Floormat does not solve all your problems.  However, it is one part of a puzzle to create a more germ-free environment that protects employees and keeps your work environment less likely to become a hot zone spreading a virus.

There are several ways this happens, with several floor related products that can help you.  We offer Anti-Microbial floormats, Disposable floormats, floor cleaners that hospitals use and even regular, heavy-duty floormats can reduce the spread of unwanted germs at work.

First, you need to think about how shoes are carriers of so many issues.  Shoes come into contact with the ground, which is exactly where germs end up right after someone sneezes and coughs.  They also get wore into public bathrooms and into many public places where cleaning takes place, at best, once a day.  This means a lot of germs are on your shoes and when you walk into work, you are bringing them into your environment where you spend a lot of time with other people.

Of course, if no one ever tied their shoe, or put their shoe up on their knee, or ever dropped anything on the floor, then it would be less of a risk.  However, just like you do not think about how often you touch your face, you probably do not think about how often you touch your shoes or things that have touched the ground.

floormats help reduce dirt and germs
Floormats reduce dirt and germs that come into a building

Of course, sanitizing railings, desks and doorknobs are super important.  But reducing the germs that cover your floors can also greatly reduce the risk of catching or passing a virus in the workplace.  This includes having floormats that are antimicrobial, so they do not become a breeding ground for germs as well as washing the hard floors regularly.

In fact, if you have an office with carpet, this might be the time you are thinking about moving to all hard surface flooring in your office space and then investing in good floormats to make the area comfortable and less likely to be a place where viral germs can linger.  This is easier with floormats and a hard floor because hard floors can be easily sanitized more frequently and floormats can be cleaned, can be replaced and you can buy antimicrobial floormats to reduce the chance of any nasty stuff in them.

If your office happens to be closed right now, it could be an ideal time to remove carpet and have it deep cleaned as well as get floormats for desks, entryways and throughout areas you need to create comfort and reduce the chance of slipping.  You absolutely do not want to reduce one risk and create another risk of people slipping and falling.  That is why you can use a combination of floormats and anti-slip tape to make sure the environment is safe but less likely to harbor germs.  Also, floormats that are specific to desks and reception areas will be more comfortable than the standard carpeting, so that is a plus for employees as well.

Another question you might have – should you replace floormats to reduce virus risk?  Of course, if they are new and in good shape, a good floormat can be cleaned and sanitized.  However, the older it is or if it is bad quality, it might be harder to clean without destroying it, plus a worn floormat does not inspire confidence in workers.  People are nervous now when they work in an environment that does not seem like it is clean, fresh, and looking professional. 

Ultimately, this is the time to be thinking about how to create a work environment, whether retail, grocery, factory or office, that is easier to clean, less likely to spread germs and viruses and creates greater confidence for workers, visitors, and customers.  The concern people have is real.  And no one can create a 100% perfect environment.  However, there are many tools, like antimicrobial floormats that help and demonstrate your commitment to keeping people safe.