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Strategic Spaces To Install Logo Floor Mats In Your Business

One of the most important things in advertisement is message placement. An advertisement is only as effective as its placement. That is why advertisement bill boards are placed in the most strategic locations to ensure full visibility by as many people as possible. Same thing with digital advertisements, they are placed in the viewer’s line of vision to distract and capture his attention. Advertisements are also supposed to be appealing and catchy in order to entice the viewer and create a lasting mental impression of the product. When it comes to using floor mats for advertisement and marketing purposes, the same rules apply. You have to make sure that the company’s logo is perfectly and clearly printed on a high quality floor mat. You must also ensure that the floor mat is placed or installed in the most strategic spaces in your place of business. This means that you have to place the mats in heavy traffic areas where they will be seen by as many customers as possible. They should also be placed in areas that are highly exposed to maximize visibility. We have selected a few strategic spaces where you can expect your logo floor mats to have the highest marketing impact on your customers.

Main Entrance

One of the most strategic spaces for placing your logo mats is at the main entrance of you office building or production facility. This is the place where you have the heaviest traffic throughout the day. We have people entering and exiting your premises throughout the day. You should consider installing an entrance logo mat outside the main door of your business premises. This ensures that everyone who comes into your commercial building views your business logo first. And if your business is situated along a busy walkway or street, your entrance logo mat will serve as an additional advertisement sign to passersby. They will be able to see the logo and/or brand name of your company every time they pass near your office building. And remember that the other purpose of a logo mat is to invite or welcome customers into your place of business. By placing a tasty entrance logo mat at your main entrance, customers will lured into a seemingly welcoming and friendly business environment in your office building.

Reception Area

Another strategic space for installing or placing your logo mats is at the reception. This is the welcoming space between the main entrance and the customer care or service counter. This space is usually uncluttered with little furniture and hence offers a very expansive display section for your company’s logo mats. The reception area handles the same kind of heavy traffic as the main entrance, which means that your logo mats will be viewed by everyone who visits your business premises.

All Doorways & Corridors/Walkways

After installing your company’s logo mats at the entrance and reception areas, you can now proceed to have others placed on busy corridors and walkways. Customers will be able to view your company’s logo and brand name as they through the corridors to various offices. You should also place a logo mat at the entrance of every doorway in the office building. The customer will notice the logo when knocking and awaiting admission into the office. You can also install your logo mats in the elevators if the office building is private or if you are allowed to do so.

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