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Tips For Choosing The Best Floor Mats With Logos

There are many different types of floor mats. At the most basic level, we can classify all floor mats into two major categories, which are residential and commercial floor mats. But generally, all floor mats are categorized according to their functionality and area or site of installation. As such, we have heated floor mats, anti-fatigue floor mats, general use commercial or industrial floor mats and specialty commercial floor mats, entrance floor mats, logo mats etc. Floor mats are basically installed to protect floors and to provide safety and comfort indoors. But we also have specially designed floor mats that are used for more defined purposes. For instance, we have heated floor mats that are used to generate warmth from electricity during the cold season. We also have floor mats with logos that are used for marketing and advertisement purposes. Floor mats with logos are mainly used in commercial and/or industrial settings. These specialty floor mats are also called logo mats and if customized to suit a client’s design specifications they are called custom logo mats. The following article contains tips for choosing the best logo mats for your business.

High Quality Mats

You should not skimp on quality when choosing floor mats to place your company logo on. Even if you do not wish to customize your logo mats, you still need to buy high-quality mats with excellent design features and graphics tom entice customers to your business premises. Remember that the quality of your logo mat reflects the quality of the products or services that you are selling to your customers. As such, you should always choose high-quality logo floor mats made of the best materials or fabrics like rubber, vinyl or excellent carpet fibers.


The main reason for opting to install floor mats with logos is to have them bear your company’s logo or brand name on them. These are defined above as custom logo mats. Notably, some people buy floor mats with un-customized logos on them for general aesthetic purposes. But when it comes to choosing commercial or business mats, you should always ensure that they are customized with your company’s logo or brand name. You can even include a marketing slogan or any other promotional message or advertisement on the mat.

Quality Printing

Whether your logo mat is customized or not, it should always bear quality printing on the face. Again you are advised to have your company’s logo or brand name printed on all your logo mats. Whichever the case, make sure that the printing is of the highest possible quality. The graphics should be as clear as possible, the colors should be accurate, and the mat should be of a perfect size and shape. A high quality design and print indicates professionalism and is attractive and appealing to customers.

Consider The Placement/Installation

In order to enhance the promotional power of your logo mats, you should place them in a very strategic location or space in your place of business. You should ensure that they are clearly visible and that they are installed in heavy traffic areas. The strategic placement of the mat determines whether or not it will have a lasting impression on your customers. Your corporate image and brand name should stick to the customers’ minds after viewing it repeatedly on your custom logo mats.

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