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Tips For Cleaning Commercial Carpet Floor Mats

Commercial floor mats are usually designed for medium to heavy foot traffic. This means that these mats are produced from strong durable materials or fabrics like rubber, vinyl, or carpet fibers, which can withstand heavy usage. Commercial floor mats are all mats designed for placement in commercial and industrial buildings and worksites. These mats come in many different colors, sizes, shapes, and surface designs. They usually have additional features to make them more functional. For instance, most commercial floor mats are slip resistant, which means that they offer enhanced traction to prevent slip, trip, and fall accidents in the workplace. Most commercial floor mats are also anti fatigue mats. This means that they provide ergonomic comfort in the workplace to enhance productivity in the workforce. Some commercial floor mats are heated mats, meaning that they have a heating element that provides warmth in the workplace during the cold season. Some commercial floor mats are customized to make them logo mats. Commercial logo mats are mainly used for brand promotion and marketing. One of the most popular materials for producing commercial floor mats is carpet fibers like nylon or polyester yarns. Carpet fiber floor mats require regular cleaning. And when it comes to commercial floor matting, regular cleaning is crucial due to the heavy foot traffic. This article contains three useful tips for cleaning commercial carpet floor mats.

Try Spot-Cleaning

You should try spot-cleaning all your commercial floor mats to keep them from staining. Spot-cleaning means that you clean any spills, stains or spots immediately they appear on the carpet fiber mat. Carpet fiber floor mats tend to absorb any spills and this can cause staining. If it’s possible, you should have some janitors monitoring your commercial carpet fiber floor mats all the time. These janitors can be called to clean any spills the moment they happen before the mat is stained. Spot-cleaning helps to remove any fluids and dirt from your floor mats before they stain and damage the carpet fibers permanently. Spot-cleaning also ensures that your commercial building remains spotlessly clean throughout, which projects a professional outlook of your business.

Daily Vacuum Cleaning

You should make a point of vacuuming all your commercial carpet fiber floor mats every day. In fact you can even have them vacuumed several times a day depending on the weather conditions. Daily vacuuming will keep your commercial carpet fiber floor mats clean throughout. All the dirt, dust, and soil will be removed leaving your carpet fiber mats all fresh and clean. Make sure that you vacuum properly. Pay particular attention to the main surface of the carpet fiber floor mat. You should also ensure that the edges and fringes are vacuumed properly to ensure that the whole mat is clean.

Regular Deep Cleaning

All your commercial carpet fiber floor mats should be deep cleaned at least once a week depending on the weather conditions. Sometimes you can go for a few weeks without deep cleaning if the weather is favorable. Carpet fiber floor mats can be deep cleaned in a washing machine. You can also hire a professional carpet and mat cleaning company to deep clean all your commercial carpet fiber floor mats. The washed carpet fiber floor mats should be spread flat on the ground to dry. They should not be folded when drying or in storage. You should then reinstall them on a clean floor space.