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Tips For Designing And Installing Custom Logo Mats

Custom logo mats are specially designed floor mats that bear the name or logo of a company on their topsides. These mats are customized to bear the company’s logo or brand name on the face. We also have other types of un-customized logo mats that bear any kind of message on their faces. These un-customized logo mats are usually referred to as message floor mats. A good example of a message logo mat is the “welcome” entrance mat that is found in the main entrance or doorway of most homes. Custom logo mats are mainly used to promote the brand name of a company or to advertise a product. These are commercial or industrial floor mats used for marketing purposes. If you wish to install custom logo mats in your place of business, you can get in touch with a matting company to discuss the customization details. You will have to buy the mats yourself and then instruct the matting company regarding the customization details, such as the name and logo you wish to be printed on the mat. The following tips will come in handy when you are choosing, customizing, and installing some custom logo mats in your workplace.

Choose High Quality Mats For Customization

The first thing that you should always consider when buying any type of floor mat is the quality. You should always buy high quality floor mats to ensure optimal functionality and durability. Choose a floor mat that is made from a tough long-lasting material like rubber or vinyl. High quality floor mats are easy to clean and maintain and they also ensure safety and floor protection at all times. For your custom logo mats, make sure that the mats that will be customized are of very high quality with a very reasonable warranty.

logo matUse Your Company’s Colors And Logo

As mentioned above, the main purpose of installing custom logo mats is to promote your brand. In other words, custom logo mats are mainly used for brand promotion and advertisement. This means that you should boldly print the name and logo of your company on the face of the custom logo mat. Make sure that the mat is properly customized to reflect the spirit of your company. Use beautiful colors for printing; preferably your company’s colors. Everything should be done beautifully and clearly to project a professional image of your business.

Install In Strategic Heavy Traffic Areas

Logo mats should always be installed in strategic places where customers will see them easily. They should be installed in such a way that the customer sees the brand name and logo many times when he is in your business premises. You should install your custom logo mats at the main entrance of your office building, in the reception area, hallways, in the elevator, and across all office doorways.

Consider Other Matting Benefits

In addition to the marketing benefits discussed above, your custom logo mats should also offer all other important matting functions. For instance, you should ensure that your custom logo mats are also anti fatigue floor mats. This means that these mats should also provide ergonomic comfort in the workplace. You should also ensure that they are slip resistant to avoid slip and fall accidents in your place of business.